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STRT [C] [2019-12-23] What feature of emacs you tried in 2019 and now you can't live without? /r/emacs emacssetup

helm -- it's like it reads my mind of what file, buffer, command, etc that I want
pytest-one and pytest-all -- easy  way  to run your python tests (in pytest, of course)
direnv-mode -- a .envrc file has become my emacs config

[2020-02-28] hmm, what could I use direnv for? emacssetup

TODO [D] [2019-05-18] Refactoring in Spacemacs using iedit and helm-edit /r/spacemacs emacs

TODO [B] [2020-01-30] deadgrep emacspkm


Wilfred•an hour ago
Have you played with deadgrep at all for Emacs usage with ripgrep?
It's not incremental, but you get a persistent results buffer, which can be really useful.

TODO [C] dash.el (defmacro –> (x &rest forms) emacselisp

CREATED: [2020-02-16]

STRT [B] need to either exclude ipynb or somehow exclude binary strings emacspkmsearch

CREATED: [2020-10-08]

[2020-10-13] ok, limit line width? emacspkmsearch

TODO [B] need to hack on to prevent reordering etc I guess helm-rg–helm-pattern-to-ripgrep-regexp emacs

CREATED: [2020-03-09]

TODO [C] [2019-09-05] Deft for Emacs emacs


Deft is an Emacs mode for quickly browsing, filtering, and editing directories of plain text notes, inspired by Notational Velocity. It was designed for increased productivity when writing and taking notes by making it fast and simple to find the right file at the right time and by automating many of the usual tasks such as creating new files and saving files.

[C] [2019-12-26] cask/cask: Project management tool for Emacs emacs


Cask is a project management tool for Emacs that helps automate the package development cycle; development, dependencies, testing, building, packaging and more.

TODO [C] (setq graphviz-dot-preview-extension "svg") emacs

CREATED: [2020-01-06]

TODO [C] autorevert? emacs

CREATED: [2020-03-02]

STRT [C] learn to use ediff emacshabit

CREATED: [2018-03-08]

n/p to navigate
a/b to move between
start using it instead of vimdiff?

TODO [C] use tramp hops emacsdockerssh

CREATED: [2018-07-22]

I haven't tried it with docker, but you can chain tramp hops:

TODO [C] disable evil last non blank emacs

CREATED: [2018-08-14]

STRT [B] [2018-12-26] millejoh/emacs-ipython-notebook: Jupyter notebook client in Emacs emacs

TODO [C] Tweet from ¬¬(Dan Piponi) (@sigfpe), at May 31, 22:14 emacs

CREATED: [2019-05-31]
Set up my vim statusline so it shows contents of registers " and *. More useful than I expected. Made me realise how many times there were opportunities to streamline actions by making use of them.


TODO [C] ok, so important bits were adding subfolder project and switching in to 'extension'. Also, use error log buffer emacssetuplsp

CREATED: [2019-07-06]

TODO [C] [2019-09-01] emacs-tw/awesome-emacs: A community driven list of useful Emacs packages, libraries and others. emacs

TODO [C] [2019-09-02] noctuid/evil-guide: Draft of a guide for using emacs with evil emacs

TODO [C] [2019-07-30] EmacsConf 2019 - Call for Proposals emacs

TODO [C] [2019-10-18] EmacsConf 2019 Schedule /r/emacs emacstowatch

TODO [C] ein is adding some metadata?? wtf? emacsipython

CREATED: [2019-04-13]

TODO [C] output-type-preference emacsipython

CREATED: [2019-04-13]

that seems to have fixed some output issues emacsipython

(setq ein:output-type-preference
     '(emacs-lisp svg png jpeg html text latex javascript))

TODO [C] use SPC * similarly to * emacshabit

CREATED: [2019-06-23]

TODO [C] [2019-12-23] What feature of emacs you tried in 2019 and now you can't live without? /r/emacs emacs

Modes, packages, themes, starter-kits you tried this year which blown you away.

Mine: emacs itself

TODO [C] [2019-10-20] Enabling helm-follow-mode on a per-command basis. · Issue 2006 · emacs-helm/helm emacs


We have helm-moccur and helm-occur perfectly integrated in helm, faster
than helm-swoop and well maintained, it is also highly configurable so
that you can configure it to behave like helm-swoop.

TODO [C] [2020-01-03] MatthewZMD/.emacs.d: M-EMACS, a customized full-featured GNU Emacs configuration emacs

TODO [C] [2019-12-29] Forge – Work with Git forges from the comfort of Magit | Hacker News emacs


That's so true! Emacs has got some modern and really well crafted packages during last decade (e.g. Magit, Org or Notmuch). It's a really interesting and vibrant platform right now. I have high hopes for lsp-mode.
Another package with great UI is calfw.
Of course, there were already plenty of great classic packages (e.g. Dired, Calc, Gnus or Eshell) and modes (e.g. AucTeX, SLIME, ESS...). But things are getting really good lately.
ELPA and use-package have also done away with lots of friction points when installing and updating packages.

TODO [C] emacs need something like checkcall in case rg is missing emacselisp

CREATED: [2019-09-08]

STRT [C] fucking hell. didn't manage to set up deadgrep emacs

CREATED: [2020-02-02]
default-directory seems to be responsible
(let ((default-directory "/path/to/dir")) (deadgrep "test"))

but multiple dirs aren't working. spent 20 minutes trying to figure out how it's propagated to the source, but couldn't :crying:

TODO [C] https://github.com/alphapapa/link-hint.el emacs

CREATED: [2020-02-06]

TODO [D] .emacs.d/local? not sure if need it under git emacsdotfiles

CREATED: [2020-03-05]

STRT [C] andrewtropin кроме paredit, есть ещё любопытная штуковина parinfer: https://shaunlebron.github.io/parinfer/ emacselisplisp

CREATED: [2018-09-07]

STRT [C] [2019-09-28] eli-oat/pillow-fort.org: A literate emacs configuration emacsliterate

STRT [C] [2019-09-07] raxod502/el-patch: ✨ Future-proof your Emacs Lisp customizations! emacssetup


Why does it exist
Emacs provides a comprehensive set of customizable variables and hooks as well as a powerful advice system. Sometimes, however, these are not enough and you must override an entire function in order to change a detail of its implementation.
Such a situation is not ideal, since the original definition of the function might change when you update Emacs or one of its packages, and your overridden version would then be outdated. This could prevent you from benefitting from bugfixes made to the original function, or introduce new bugs into your configuration. Even worse, there is no way to tell when the original definition has changed! The correctness of your configuration is basically based on faith.

[C] [2019-11-03] Ambrevar / emacs-gif-screencast · GitLab emacs

[C] [2019-11-08] Whats your emacs setup like ? | Lobsters emacstoblog


I have an extensive literate configuration that configures many different subsystems, changes many default, etc. It’s rather verbose, but I hope it’s written in a way that even someone with minimal experiences my understand. I loosely inspired, but shorter and simpler configuration be found here (but watch out, the comments are in German!).

TODO [C] Set up ipynb mode in emacs, display locals? emacspython

CREATED: [2019-11-15]

STRT [C] implement search in filenames? emacspkm

CREATED: [2019-11-24]

TODO [C] configure source location for builtin stuff emacs

CREATED: [2020-01-03]

ugh couldn't find in apt

[C] [2020-01-03] (Officially) Introducing M-EMACS ;) : emacs emacs

TODO [C] pip3 install –user "python-language-server[all]" emacssetup

CREATED: [2020-02-25]

TODO [C] cl-typecase emacselisp

CREATED: [2020-03-08]

TODO [C] use pp-eval-expression (SPC-;) emacshabit

CREATED: [2020-03-08]

[C] [2020-02-28] MatthewZMD/.emacs.d: M-EMACS, a customized full-featured GNU Emacs configuration emacs


Snails, a fuzzy search framework

[C] [2020-02-28] bbatsov/super-save: Save Emacs buffers when they lose focus emacs


super-save auto-saves your buffers, when certain events happen - e.g. you switch between buffers, an Emacs frame loses focus, etc.

TODO [C] [2020-02-28] MatthewZMD/.emacs.d: M-EMACS, a customized full-featured GNU Emacs configuration emacs


(recentf-exclude '((expand-file-name package-user-dir)

TODO [C] hmmm emacs

CREATED: [2020-04-04]
(dotimes (i 9)
  (defalias (intern (format "+workspace/switch-to-%d" i))
    (lambda () (interactive) (+workspace/switch-to i))
    (format "Switch to workspace #%d" (1+ i))))

TODO [C] setting up locate db… emacs

CREATED: [2020-04-14]

use. map SPC s f?

(helm-locate-with-db "/tmp/locate.db")

[C] [2020-04-12] How do I prevent messages from showing in the minibuffer? · Issue 2878 · hlissner/doom-emacs emacs


What have you tried?

I've read about inhibit-message, which apparently is used in
ivy. However, I'm still seeing the GC me

[C] [2020-05-07] EmacsWiki: Category Extension Language emacs

TODO [C] hmm maybe highlight closing parens less than opening? not sure emacselisp

CREATED: [2020-05-28]

[C] [2020-02-28] MatthewZMD/.emacs.d: M-EMACS, a customized full-featured GNU Emacs configuration emacs


(Optional) On Ubuntu, emacs-snapshot is a great way to get latest version of Emacs.

sudo add-apt-repository -y ppa:ubuntu-elisp
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install emacs-snapshot

STRT [C] emacs – leader key takes ridiculous time to process emacssetup

CREATED: [2020-01-25]

[C] [2020-01-10] alphapapa/makem.sh: Makefile-like script for building and testing Emacs Lisp packages emacs


Makefile-like script for building and testing Emacs Lisp packages

TODO [C] [2020-02-24] doom-emacs/api.org at develop · hlissner/doom-emacs emacsdoom



what's the difference from with-eval-after-load

[C] [2020-02-24] doom-emacs/index.org at develop · hlissner/doom-emacs emacs


Doom is a configuration framework for GNU Emacs 26.3+ tailored for Emacs bankruptcy veterans who want less framework in their frameworks and the performance of a hand rolled config (or better). It can be a foundation for your own config or a resource for Emacs enthusiasts to learn more about our favorite OS.

[C] [2020-03-14] manateelazycat/emacs-application-framework: Emacs application framework emacs


EAF is a GUI application framework that revolutionizes Emacs graphical capabilities to ultimately Live in Emacs.

hmm nice apparently you can write non-elisp code and easily intergrate?

TODO [C] use alt-n for 'default' filename completion? useful to rename things quickly emacshabit

CREATED: [2020-10-12]

STRT [C] indicate if there are some unsaved changes? emacs

CREATED: [2020-06-08]

[2020-06-19] maybe in title?? emacs

TODO [D] tramp hangs while sending password emacssetup

TODO [D] audio annotation? emacs

CREATED: [2018-09-26]

STRT [D] agenda on F12 press? on constantly loaded emacs instance emacssetup

CREATED: [2018-01-11]
emacs -nw --eval "(progn (setq org-agenda-window-setup 'only-window) (org-agenda-list))"

TODO [D] Spacemacs ABC emacs

undo-tree-visualize: SPC a u
dired: SPC a d
org: SPC a o
process editor: SPC a P how to vim mode?

SPC / vs SPC *? 1


g c – comment
SPC F1: fuzzy search emacs stuff
SPC ? : keybindings


TODO [D] traad for refactoring emacspython

CREATED: [2018-09-04]

[D] [2018-11-05] alphapapa/org-ql: An Org query language, and experimental code for a next-generation Org Agenda emacs

TODO [D] try skeletor emacs

[D] haskell ide engine thing emacshaskell

CREATED: [2018-10-29]

ok, so lsp-demote thing is no bound to any key. I might help with that? emacshaskell

right! lsp-ui-sideline-apply-code-actions emacshaskell

[D] helm stupid behaviour when trying to rename file emacs

CREATED: [2018-07-04]


(setq-default helm-display-function 'helm-default-display-buffer) -- kinda works...

TODO [D] http://www.viemu.com/a-why-vi-vim.html emacsvim

CREATED: [2018-07-07]

di : delete innte, basiclaly like d%, but you don't have to be in the beginning of block
']]' and the likes to navigate by functions, etc.
vaS – select sentence, selects current function
vaB – select block
>aB – indent block

[D] [2019-09-04] kunalb/poet: An emacs theme that's well suited for modes using variable pitch: particularly org-mode and markdown-mode. emacs

TODO [D] (agda-input-add-translations '( ("pd" . "∂") )) emacs

CREATED: [2019-02-23]

TODO [D] agda input emacs

CREATED: [2019-02-23]
(load-file (let ((coding-system-for-read 'utf-8))
                (shell-command-to-string "agda-mode locate")))
 (require 'agda-input)

TODO [D] memoize – if function returns nil (e.g. empty list, the value is always recomputed) emacselisp

CREATED: [2019-04-27]

[D] [2019-10-31] camcorder.el - Creating Animated Gifs & Videos for Spacemacs | jr0cket emacs


camcorder.el - Creating Animated Gifs & Videos for Spacemacs

TODO [D] [2019-12-20] belak/emacs-grayscale-theme emacs

TODO [D] [2019-12-20] Whats your emacs setup like ? | Lobsters emacs

TODO [D] ein evil mode :w emacsjupyter

CREATED: [2020-01-05]

[D] [2018-11-06] narendraj9/hledger-mode: An Emacs major mode for Hledger emacs

TODO [D] email? emacs

maybe switch to emacs?
Perhaps I should switch to thunderbird? Not sure what is used real world TODO?

TODO [D] can use setf? emacselisp

CREATED: [2020-02-16]
(when super-groups
  (let ((org-super-agenda-groups (cl-etypecase super-groups
                                   (symbol (symbol-value super-groups))
                                   (list super-groups))))
    (setf strings (org-super-agenda--group-items strings))))

[D] Tweet from @burntsushi5 emacs

CREATED: [2020-02-26]
@burntsushi5: Hah. This is very likely due to ripgrep's parallelism (which includes walking the directory tree in parallel too). `find` is not parallel at all. try `rg -j1 <whatever>` to put it on more even footing. :-)

[D] [2020-01-03] (Officially) Introducing M-EMACS ;) : emacs emacs


if you already use use-package, there's absolutely no need to use it, since there is :hook keyword

TODO [D] helm-locate-library emacshabit

CREATED: [2020-04-14]

[D] [2020-05-01] on the usability of editable software | Lobsters emacs

emoses avatar emoses 2 hours ago | link |

Emacs is great for this, especially if you use straight. Straight makes a local clone of each package repo. If you want to edit it, edit it and commit (or don’t), and your emacs will use the local copy.

Habits emacs

TODO use org-created-to-inline {, c} emacshabit

CREATED: [2018-06-17]

CANCEL [SPC e l] error list emacs

CREATED: [2018-01-15]

TODO it's fine to use C-c and C-v in insert mode emacshabit

CREATED: [2018-02-01]

TODO {>aR} demote subtree emacshabitorg

use SPC-t emacshabitorg

TODO selecting class: {v close sqbracket open sqbracket} emacshabit

CREATED: [2018-05-02]

use eshell more emacshabit

TODO use SPC S c and SPC s i to search code and info emacshabit

CREATED: [2018-06-02]

TODO Use magit more, many people claim its superior to cli emacshabitgit

STRT use 'light' emacshabit

CREATED: [2018-06-10]

CANCEL use SPC p P emacshabit

CREATED: [2018-06-08]

CANCEL Use prj: to link to file in the same project emacshabit

CREATED: [2018-05-01]

CNCL Use tramp emacsoldhabit

CREATED: [2018-06-10]


TODO use helm-resume SPC h l to resume search emacshabit

CREATED: [2018-06-20]

TODO use eshell: emacshabit

CREATED: [2018-09-19]

TODO use X to delete emacshabit

CREATED: [2018-08-13]

TODO use # and T emacshabit

CREATED: [2018-08-13]

hash is the opposite of *?

TODO use C-g to interrupt stuck commands emacshabit

CREATED: [2018-06-11]

TODO J for joining lines emacsvimhabit

CREATED: [2018-04-23]

TODO use {SPC x o} (link hint open link) emacshabit

CREATED: [2018-07-23]

TODO use SPC A for agenda emacshabit

CREATED: [2018-07-23]

maybe swap a and A? note sure

TODO {.} repeats last change emacsvimhabit

CREATED: [2018-06-28]

TODO chmod +x for a file: SPC f j for dired jump, then M emacshabit

CREATED: [2018-06-19]

TODO use C-j and C-k in helm emacshabit

CREATED: [2018-10-21]

TODO use {SPC s G} for google search emacshabit

CREATED: [2019-02-01]

maybe, add other engines later?? emacshabit

TODO emacs ispell emacshabit

CREATED: [2019-02-09]

TODO [D] use ,, in evil mode to insert note emacshabit

CREATED: [2019-02-16]

TODO ,> and ,< for demote and promote emacshabit

CREATED: [2019-02-16]

TODO use {,\} for tex input emacshabit

CREATED: [2019-02-16]

DONE [B] bad encoding.. emacsdockersetup

CREATED: [2019-09-06]

DONE [2020-02-20] raxod502/straight.el: 🍀 Next-generation, purely functional package manager for the Emacs hacker. emacs

[C] [2020-07-06] .emacs.d/index.md at 7e8514c98b63724ad0e97b8b3c56b96d00d56b7f · shrysr/.emacs.d emacs

[C] [2020-07-06] .emacs.d/emacs-config.org at 7e8514c98b63724ad0e97b8b3c56b96d00d56b7f · shrysr/.emacs.d emacs

TODO [C] idpb tty to emacs config?? emacsipdb

CREATED: [2019-07-20]
import sys; import ipdb
if sys.stdin.isatty():

[C] [2019-10-06] My Emacs + Scimax configuration | Shreyas Ragavan emacs



I use swiper for a general search. However helm-swoop is awesome.

TODO probably easier to hack ein to use different tags? than messing with nbstripout? emacsjupyter

CREATED: [2020-12-21]

TODO [C] [2019-10-11] My Personal Emacs History emacs

[2019-10-21] As a drawback, I sometimes seem to repel others when I start praising my setup. My long journey with Emacs did result in a personal cozy environment that normal computer users do not seem to understand any more. Therefore, I have to remember to suppress the urge of mentioning the virtues of my environment. I have to stick to mentioning only the ultimate basics when I promote Emacs to normal computer users. Which is a pity, in my opinion. emacs

huh, very similar experience

TODO [B] [2020-12-09] Favorite Emacs Packages | Lobsters emacs

deadgrep. When using counsel-rg gives to many results, deadgrep offers a very clean interface to view and navigate the results of a search. I especially love that by default it finds the root of the project (a Git project for example) so it DWIMs pretty well.

[B] [2020-09-25] Toward a “Modern” Emacs emacs

TODO [B] explore doom-snippets? emacspython

CREATED: [2020-03-08]

profiling emacs emacs

emacs --debug-init --timed-requires

(will create a buffer with load times)
vim core/core-debug.el , (defvar spacemacs-debug-timer-threshold 0.05 to adjust

emacs --debug-init --profile – will create CPU and memory profile

[2020-03-24] Wilfred/helpful: A better Emacs help buffer emacs

[2019-11-15] Voice typing in emacs talk emacsdictation

Main point I guess is using refactorings and modifiers (e.g. camel before saying car name)
Optimizing the most common ops first

[C] [2019-08-18] emacs-tw/awesome-emacs: A community driven list of useful Emacs packages, libraries and others. emacs

DONE [B] [2019-12-24] (Officially) Introducing M-EMACS ;) /r/emacs emacs

It's the end of 2019, I realized that I have worked on [M-EMACS](https://github.com/MatthewZMD/.emacs.d) for nearly a year now. M-EMACS is my personal Emacs setup and configurations, I have been spreading it for some time in comment sections and received some positive feedback from the community, but somehow I never bother to write a post to officially introduce it ;)
So here I am.
Besides some Emacs' killer-features nicely configured out-of-box for you (e.g `lsp`, `ivy`, `company`, `erc`, `eaf`, `mu4e`, `tramp`, etc.), M-EMACS README is aiming to be one of the best `org-mode` Emacs config available. While heavily using `use-package` in the code, and providing a link with a one-sentence description to each package it uses, it also has a little `Prerequisite` note for any *heavier* packages that require more setup than just copy-and-paste elisp code ;)
With [M-EMACS](https://github.com/MatthewZMD/.emacs.d), I am also exploring a new way to organize Emacs config files. AFAIK, most of the people (who cared enough to heavily organize `.emacs.d`) in the community either put their config in a subdirectory called `lisp` or `elisp` with many files like `init-xx.el`, or they put their entire config in a **HUGE** `.org` file with numerous `#+BEGIN_SRC` and `#+END_SRC` blocks, and use `org-babel-load-file` in `init.el` to load all the elisp code on startup. The former is well-organized but can get complicated and frustrating for anyone other than the owner to navigate through the code. The latter is much more user-friendly, it's so much nicer to navigate through a Github README page and really helpful to any Emacs user who just wants to quickly find a config snippet for a particular package. However, the downside is that `org-babel-load-file` can get *pretty* slow sometimes, wasting a lot of startup time.
[M-EMACS](https://github.com/MatthewZMD/.emacs.d), on the other hand, combines these two approaches together: all elisp code is organized in an `elisp` folder, with some `#+INCLUDE` statements in an `org` file, elisp code are populated into a Github-friendly README with a single command. Below is the snippet from the [About README](https://github.com/MatthewZMD/.emacs.d#about-readme) section:
> This README is originated from `init.org` that is generated using `M-x org-gfm-export-to-markdown`. Every block of code is generated through this function - it exports the section of code from the `elisp/` directory. You will not see their presence in `init.org`.
The result is an organized, detailed and user-friendly README with super-fast startup time, best of both worlds.
Anyways, enough babbling, feel free to [check it out](https://github.com/MatthewZMD/.emacs.d) during this holiday season :)

[2020-02-28] good example of reasonable emacs configurations (althrough Doom has most of it) emacs

DONE [B] [2019-09-06] emacsclient Options - GNU Emacs Manual emacs


    Specify a shell command to run if emacsclient fails to contact Emacs. This is useful when running emacsclient in a script. The command may include arguments, which may be quoted "like this". Currently, escaping of quotes is not supported.

    As a special exception, if command is the empty string, then emacsclient starts Emacs in daemon mode (as ‘emacs --daemon’) and then tries connecting again.

    The environment variable ALTERNATE_EDITOR has the same effect as the ‘-a’ option. If both are present, the latter takes precedence. 

emacs startup emacs

CREATED: [2018-04-24]



[2018-05-02] debugging flycheck problems: 'flycheck-compile' will show you the command emacs

debugging emacsdebug

CREATED: [2018-04-23]

(debug-on-entry 'funcname')

c – exit debugger
d – continue debugging (or 's'???)
e – eval expression

[B] [2020-02-04] alphapapa/emacs-package-dev-handbook: An Emacs package development handbook. Built with Emacs, by Emacs package developers, for Emacs package developers. emacselisp


The Emacs Package Developer’s Handbook

[2020-12-30] Leveraging Emacs Introspection | Irreal emacsexobraindebugging

[C] [2020-10-28] Add support for fd shell command · emacs-helm/helm@c11779c emacs

Add support for fd shell command

TODO [C] most common commands I'm using? could collect some stats automatically perhaps emacstoblog

CREATED: [2020-02-24]

TODO [B] [2019-11-21] How do you use Emacs? /r/emacs emacs

Hi everyone.
Considering our beloved Emacs can be used as anything from an all encompassing GUI window manager/userspace behemoth to a casual simple text editor via emacsclient similar to what vimmers do, where is your sweet spot?
If you don't do exwm, what's your favorite de/wm? (assuming of course you use Linux (The Gnu system of which Linux is just a kernel of don't stone me gnu guys))
How much of general computing you do in emacs? Email, Internet, etc.
I would love to hear your input.

[2019-12-02] link on blog? emacstoblog

TODO [C] [2020-12-28] Redo stopped working (user-error: Customize ‘evil-undo-system’ for redo functionality.) · Issue #4135 · hlissner/doom-emacs emacs

Either enable :emacs undo (for undo-fu), :emacs (undo +tree) (for undo-tree), or upgrade to Emacs 28 (for undo-redo). If you don't know which one to pick, I recommend the first.

[D] [2020-02-22] .doom.d/config.el at master · nmartin84/.doom.d https://github.com/nmartin84/.doom.d/blob/master/config.el emacs

[D] [2020-02-22] nmartin84/.doom.d: This is my private DOOM emacs configuration. https://github.com/nmartin84/.doom.d emacs

TODO [D] [2020-01-03] Exploring large projects with Projectile and Helm Projectile https://tuhdo.github.io/helm-projectile.html emacs

[D] [2020-02-22] Why is doom emacs so fast? · Issue #310 · hlissner/doom-emacs https://github.com/hlissner/doom-emacs/issues/310 emacs

[D] [2020-02-21] doom-emacs/gettingstarted.org at develop · hlissner/doom-emacs https://github.com/hlissner/doom-emacs/blob/develop/docs/getting_started.org emacs

Important: you may encounter errors after up/downgrading Emacs. Emacs bytecode is generally not forward compatible. You will have to recompile or reinstall your packages to fix this, i.e.

    doom build, to rebuild all your installed packages,

[D] [2020-02-27] hlissner/emacs-doom-themes: An opinionated pack of modern color-themes https://github.com/hlissner/emacs-doom-themes emacs

Re-set org-todo' & org-headline-done' faces to make them respect underlying faces (i.e. don't override the :height or :background of underlying faces).
  • very nice!

TODO [D] [2020-12-13] Batteries included with Emacs | Karthinks emacs

Pulse (pulse.el)
The included pulse library provides functions to flash a region of text. The most useful general application is to flash the line the cursor is on as a navigational aid or accessibility feature.

[C] [2020-12-28] Magit: How to show differences within lines - Emacs Stack Exchange emacs

If you want to store that in your config, like me, just add
(setq magit-diff-refine-hunk (quote all))

TODO [C] C-k/C-j for browsing images emacsdrill

CREATED: [2021-04-26]

TODO [C] doom-big-font-mode emacshabit

CREATED: [2021-04-26]

TODO [C] [2020-04-21] http://metamodular.com/lispos.pdf emacstoread

In response to some of your worries about security and the future of Emacs as an OS, I tend to follow the ideals of this paper:

Riot [Offline] | Malleable Systems Collective

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