Spaced repetition

Spaced repetition lets you memorize things with very small (or to be more precise, pretty passive) cognitive effort.

Personally I haven't paid much attention to specific algorithms and formulas. There is some research out there claiming superiority of one over another, but I feel like as long as it's exponential backoff, that works for me.

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[B] * my usecases spacedrep

[B] [2020-01-20] keeping in mind various life improvements spacedrep

@alexeyguzey I used to use spaced repetition for productivity tricks, so I could remember to apply them

TODO [B] org-drill is nice because drill items are interleaved with the content. very low effort to create comparing to Anki spacedreporg

CREATED: [2019-02-01]

-------------------------------------- spacedrep

TODO [C] content spacedrep

  • spaced repetition
  • memrise
  • duolinguo
  • anki
  • org-drill
  • capturing new habits is super easy (in terms of remembering, not willpower)

TODO orgzly spacedreporgzly

TODO [C] [2019-12-31] Augmenting Long-term Memory spacedrep

TODO [C] [2019-10-06] How can we develop transformative tools for thought? spacedrep

some good advice about spaced repetition

TODO [C] easy to remove from habits: I just press t and change tag to :oldhabit: spacedrephabit

CREATED: [2019-10-07]

TODO [C] Try spaced repetition for stuff from hypothesis and instapaper. Or even books in general spacedrep

CREATED: [2018-08-13]

could also use timeline for that…
especially now that I got intermediate representation? I could even load it up as an always running server!

TODO [C] Space repetition for all my stuff. Start from latest added? Doesn't matter if there is duplication in other views spacedreppkm

CREATED: [2019-11-25]

[2019-11-30] or even randomly presenting is ok spacedreppkm

TODO [C] Tweet from michaelnielsen (@michaelnielsen), at Dec 9, 16:44 spacedrep

CREATED: [2019-12-09]
Here's the distribution of time people spend reviewing cards at  The median time is about 6 seconds. The _average_ time is almost twice as long, at 11 seconds!

[2017-11-01] anki vs supermemo spacedrep

Basically what you have said. Everything are disadvantages but maybe the algorithm. However, I think Anki's algorithm is based on Supermemo's algorithm, it is just that it is not based on the most recent but Anki's and Supermemo's are very similar. There is no reason why someone would use Supermemo instead of Anki. All that said, I use Supermemo and Anki, because I think the few free decks for languages Supermemo have are quite great and there is no way to export them so I use Supermemo with some of these decks but Anki for everything else.

STRT spaced repetition spacedrep

anki for habits (both personal and e.g. remembering hotkeys) spacedrep

[2018-04-17] UPD: org-habits spacedrep

memrise app for learning German spacedrep

STRT org drill spacedrep

  • ok, it's pretty nice, plaintext
  • keyboard
  • unclear where to find decks
  • no mobile app
  • no images

DONE [A] [2018-09-26] Augmenting Long-term Memory spacedrep

[2019-01-10] huh! it's the guy who wrote quantum computing book! spacedrepnielsen

[2019-01-25] ok, pretty good article! spacedrep

[2020-01-31] might be interesting to keep something like "history of knowledge management"? spacedrep

[2020-01-16] Tweet from POLAR - Personal knowledge repository (@getpolarized), at Jan 16, 21:00 "cognitive prosthetic spacedrep

@michael_nielsen The analogy of supervised learning and spaced repetition I think is dead on. I've been referring to Polar as a "cognitive prosthetic".  My background is partly in machine learning so when I got into spacedrepetition I immediately realized it was supervised learning for humans.

TODO [C] [2020-06-22] ulangi/ulangi: Ulangi is an Anki alternative for users to learn languages better with spaced repetition system. spacedrep

TODO [2021-01-13] Taking Spaced Repetition Seriously · Jethro Kuan spacedrep

Spaced repetition apps spacedrep

  • AnkiDroid – kinda ok
  • duolinguo: spaced repetition for language learning
    weird, goes straight into grammar, doesn't really explain anything, synthesised voice
  • memrise: spaced repetition for language learning
    ok, good progress, but feels too easy occasionally, weird exercise suggestions sometimes.
  • using org-drill after all
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