⚫ File sync software

Continuous sync of my data and information is a biggie for me.

Eventual sync (e.g. via Git) might be fine for personal wiki.
For todo-list or just random documents, however, I really don't want to have this overhead of thinking whether I need to do some extra work in order to sync.

Table of Contents


. infra

. offline

. selfhosted

. cloud

[A] Syncthing syncthing

I'm using it at the moment, and it works great.


  • uses filesystem
  • opn source, can be selfhosted
  • decentralized, no need for 'main' device


  • no web interface

on Android: Syncthing-Fork is better than the original Android app.
Some differences:

  • "Battery eater" problem is fixed
  • UI explains why syncthing is running or not.
  • Individual sync conditions can be applied per device and per folder

[B] Dropbox dropbox

I stopped using it in favor of Syncthing, info might be a bit outdated (circa 2019?). If you don't want


  • uses filesystem
  • has revision history, so you can restore deleted files


on Android: dropsync is nice

TODO [C] Nextcloud

It seems to be more like google services (docs/contacts/maps/etc) rather than just file syncing. Still haven't tried it myself though.

Nexcloud is a fork of Owncloud (the latter has gone enterprise or something). Apparently it's much more open source


  • can replace google services #degoogle
    e.g. maps
  • open source, can be selfhosted




  • ???


  • symlinks doesn't work? (or WIP?)
  • closed source
  • centralized

[C] Seafile

Dind't end up using it, so in my understanding it's kinda like Dropbox?


  • open source
  • delta sync, headless, dedup, selective encryption


CNCL try android client

mm, only can access, can't sync as dropsync or syncthing would :(
use webdav syncer as a workaround? https://github.com/haiwen/seadroid/issues/502#issuecomment-286056463

[D] misc

OneDrive is accessible through third-party scripts

InSync offers unofficial Google Drive Linux support (for a fee)

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