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[B] * jdoe jdoe

related #exports #hpi:
J. Doe (Joe Doe? Jane Doe?) is a made up person with a narrative to showcase different quantifiedself/memex tools

TODO [2021-01-22] have some info on ideas page jdoe

TODO [C] ask where to get sample API data? jdoe

CREATED: [2020-04-13]

TODO [C] examples of outputs jdoedataliberationexports

CREATED: [2019-09-23]
jq 'walk(if type == "object" or type == "array" then . else type end)' pocket_20190923T210004Z.json

ugh, still might leak some private data…

jq 'walk(if type == "object" then del(.profile, .account, .groups) else . end)' pocket_20190923T210004Z.json

[C] [2020-04-04] jackreid.xyz/pocket.json at master · JackWReid/jackreid.xyz jdoe

TODO [B] [2020-12-11] Bibliodemos' Docs :: Bibliodemos' Docs jdoe

A demo persona

TODO [C] [2020-04-24] saladmanssss/salad jdoetakeout

STRT [D] [2020-04-24] ctf/forensics-CryptoDIY at master · ANSSI-FR/ctf jdoetakeout

[2020-04-24] eh, only mail. not so interesting jdoetakeout

TODO [C] [2020-02-10] Python package, which helps generate big volumes of fake data for a variety of purposes in a variety of languages. /r/coolgithubprojects jdoe

>What could it be used for?
For generating placeholder data, bootstrapping database with anonymized data, generating JSON data, creating fake API endpoints and et.c

TODO [C] pdfannots has some test pdfs jdoehpi

CREATED: [2021-03-30]

TODO [C] could share podcastaddict dbs? jdoebleanser

CREATED: [2021-04-03]

TODO [B] [2021-04-15] file:places.sqlite - Sourcegraph jdoehpipromnesia

wow, searching on sourcegraph is actually super nice…

[C] * kython kython

TODO [C] use sqlite like json path? https://www.sqlite.org/json1.html kython

CREATED: [2019-07-14]

DONE [C] checker that link is dead kython

CREATED: [2019-03-01]

[2019-10-27] but need something more finetuned? like for DELETED reddit posts… kython

TODO [D] get rid of remianing JsonState methods.. I think it's only spotisync? kython

CREATED: [2019-02-06]

STRT [D] date parsing libraries kythonpythondatetime

CREATED: [2018-03-15]

started tsomething in kython.datetime module

TODO [2018-12-30] recurrent in workouts ?? kythonpythondatetime

TODO maybe, blog or do some sort of benchmark?? kythonpythondatetime

TODO grep my code for usages of this kythonpythondatetime

TODO run search indexer against my code?… kythonpythondatetime

https://github.com/scrapinghub/dateparser – looks decent, can specify hints kythonpythondatetime

using in kython and openrent and my porg thing
ok capable of kindle dates kida like Wednesday, November 22, 2017 9:11:56 PM
couldn't handle insta photo…

  • [2019-02-16] ok, handled hypothesis! datetimepythonkython

https://github.com/bear/parsedatetime ?? kythonpythondatetime

dateutil.parse? kythonpythondatetime

[C] datefinder kythonpythondatetimeparsing

CREATED: [2018-05-09]
from datefinder import find_dates # type: ignore
TODO ugh find_dates is shit
can't even recognise 20180304
def my_find_dates(f):
    f = f.replace('_', '-') # just in case of _ separators
    f = f.replace('time', '') # apparently find_dates gets confused when it sees 'time'
    return list(find_dates(f))
could recognise endomondo-2018-04-10 though
  • hasn't been updated for a while kythonpythonparsingdatetime
  • huh, datefinder easily handled kindle date though… kythonpythonparsingdatetime

TODO [B] hmmm https://github.com/scrapinghub kythonpythondatetime

  • [2019-01-13] hm, maybe I want to contribute to their dateparser rather than using my own? datetimepythonkython

STRT [B] [2020-01-13] functools — Higher-order functions and operations on callable objects — Python 3.8.1 documentation kython




[C] * kobuddy kobuddy

My library for accessing #kobo data

TODO [B] why it's better for me kobuddyexports

CREATED: [2019-09-29]

automatic backups
old databases
access from other tools

TODO [C] bug? kobuddy

CREATED: [2019-07-02]
TODO tie breaking
-- 2019-03-24 11:01:44: finished
-- 2019-03-24 11:01:44: finished reading What is Life? by Erwin Schroedinger. total time spent undefined minutes
-- 2019-03-24 11:01:44: left What is Life? by Erwin Schroedinger: 99%, read for 80 mins
-- 2019-03-24 11:09:31: finished

TODO for goodreads scripts: get all titles with at least one 'finished' event
match them via goodreads api and check that they are marked as read
perhaps 'started reading' as well?

TODO [C] extraannotationdata?? kobuddy

CREATED: [2019-07-21]

TODO [C] would be nice to extract chapters, e.g. for Greg Egan kobuddy

CREATED: [2019-12-28]

[D] debugging stuff kobuddy

CREATED: [2019-10-16]
def zeroes(bts):
    res = b''
    for b in bts:
        res += b'\0'
        res += bytes([b])
    return res

# seq = zeroes(b'eventTimestamps')
seq = zeroes(b'Monetization')
idd = blob.find(seq)
# if idd == -1:
#     return
# else:
#     import sys
#     print('----', file=sys.stderr)
#     # print(context(), file=sys.stderr)
#     print(blob[idd + len(seq):], file=sys.stderr)
#     return

TODO [D] might be useful for calibre?? kobuddy

CREATED: [2020-08-25]

TODO [C] [2019-11-07] my/kobo.py at master · karlicoss/my kobuddyhpi


from my_configuration import paths
from my_configuration.repos.kobuddy.src.kobuddy import *


# TODO maybe type over T?
_Predicate = Callable[[str], bool]
Predicatish = Union[str, _Predicate]
def from_predicatish(p: Predicatish) -> _Predicate:
    if isinstance(p, str):
        def ff(s):
            return s == p

not sure, do we want this instead?

[C] [2019-05-19] https://github.com/search?q=kobo+ExtraData&type=Code – no result, which kinda means no one did it kobuddykobo

same for LastOccurrence

[C] * workout ledger wledger

related #hpi

TODO [C] if attributes are detected, but exercise isn't, error and just render it as is wledger

CREATED: [2018-12-10]

TODO [C] 'walked' summary every day? exclude running?? wledger

CREATED: [2018-12-10]

TODO [C] highlight checked in dashboard? wledger

CREATED: [2018-12-10]

TODO [C] workouts ledger?? wledger

CREATED: [2018-12-09]

TODO [C] support for ignoring/consuming words within certain context (e.g. (straight) leg raises) wledger

CREATED: [2019-03-15]

STRT [C] Parser combinators for workouts wledgerhpiparsing

CREATED: [2018-12-10]

[D] * twidump twidump

my #twitter exporter

TODO [D] still useful to warn when user is suspended, private etc… could add it to weekly check? twidump

CREATED: [2018-08-25]

TODO [D] maybe, renderer should be decoupled from twidump itself? twidump

CREATED: [2019-03-20]

TODO [D] backup my followers? twidump

CREATED: [2019-05-02]


TODO [C] align properties same way org does it? inorganic

CREATED: [2019-09-24]

TODO [D] could have caught it if was checking against increasing size.. exportsbackupchecker

CREATED: [2019-04-22]

TODO [C] some stuff in orgzly-android tests orgsandbox

CREATED: [2019-09-10]

TODO [C] [2020-03-19] karlicoss/sufs: Merge multiple directories into one via symlinks


sufs is a tool for 'merging' multiple directories into one via symlinks.

add example?

TODO [C] Add unknown stuff to special playlist? spotisync

CREATED: [2019-01-04]

[2019-01-31] eh? spotisync

TODO [C] might be better to check against mpd?? It updates the database in background… spotisync

CREATED: [2018-12-08]

[C] Rename to symlinkfs? sufs

CREATED: [2020-02-21]

[D] [2019-11-10] tantivy::tokenizer - Rust scrapyroo


In addition to what default does, the en_stem tokenizer also apply stemming to your tokens. Stemming consists in trimming words to remove their inflection. This tokenizer is slower than the default one, but is recommended to improve recall.

TODO [2019-11-10] demonstrate different tokenizers? scrapyroo

TODO [D] name my package pyrog? org

CREATED: [2019-06-18]

TODO [D] gORGeououes as org-mode app name org

CREATED: [2019-07-09]

TODO [C] On a looped string? quitar

CREATED: [2018-12-24]

TODO [C] Two strings, one imaginary one real. Normalisation is not necessary quitar

CREATED: [2019-01-23]

TODO [D] work on poset-ratings rating

TODO [D] https://github.com/karlicoss/telegram2org

CREATED: [2020-01-30]

Update description

TODO [C] Hmm.not sure if it counts playlists? spotisync

CREATED: [2018-11-16]

TODO [2018-12-05] whooops… not really!h spotisync

[2019-09-02] huh, ignoring could be implemented via special playlist… spotisync

TODO [D] list all cool things I tried and learned pythonhikkup

CREATED: [2018-12-16]

TODO [D] make symlink checker ignore file list list of symlinks to ignore ruci

CREATED: [2019-06-10]

[C] [2020-08-27] reHackable/awesome-reMarkable: A curated list of projects related to the reMarkable tablet remarkable

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