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[2018-05-02] My rants about interface updates softwareui

STRT [C] Use basic html Gmail? softwaregmailbloat

CREATED: [2020-01-25]

Basic HTML Gmail hasn't changed in years and works perfectly fine for all of my needs for gmail: reading and sending emails. I find the current UI to be quite unusable, but at least there's still the basic html option.

TODO [D] Tweet from @burntsushi5 softwarelicense

CREATED: [2020-10-30]

@burntsushi5: Finally had a chance to write this in one place. Here are my thoughts on software licensing and why I oppose copyleft.

[C] [2020-05-05] Sourcehut’s spartan approach to web design | Drew DeVault’s Blog softwarebloatui

Sourcehut's spartan approach to web design

[2019-01-01] Tweet from Al Dragon (@aldragonnet), at Jan 1, 21:35 softwareinterfaces

…наиболее вероятно значение w<-1, при котором бесконечное расстояние между элементами интерфейса будет достигнуто за конечное время […] За месяц до этого потеряет связность лента, за день — растянутся на несколько экранов твиты. За секунду до Большого Разрыва разрушатся эмодзи.

DONE [B] [2020-04-18] The Decline of Usability softwareui

[C] [2020-01-25] guides/ at master · mayfrost/guides software

[C] [2020-04-13] Liberapay insanely clean ui softwareui

[B] [2020-05-11] Amy "Social Distancing" Hoy on Twitter: "OKAY cracks knuckles i’ve got a glass of austrian rosè that’s making me sweat like i’m literally dying &amp; my husband went to sleep at 9:30 with a migraine so LET’S DO THIS 1 like, 1 design opinion" / Twitter softwaredesign

TW at [2015-04-04] Когда я читаю в release notes софтины "various style and layout fixes", автоматически предполагаю что выпилили полезные настройки. software

[2019-05-20] Yak Shaving software

[C] [2020-01-22] Plan 9 released under GPLv2 | Hacker News softwarelicense
some discussions on GPL/BSD/MIT licensing

DONE [C] Tweet from Некстджен и Усиление (@turbojedi), at Jun 5, 15:36 softwareappdesign

CREATED: [2019-06-05]
Вот это хорошо.
Легко и красиво, самое то чтобы рассылать друзьям и родственникам (на HN также справедливо замечают что здесь нет поиска утекших паролей, чтобы не создавать у людей впечатление, что вводить свои пароли на левых сайтах нормально).

[2019-09-22] I have a question for the OP… Why the MIT licence, and not putting your code i… | Hacker News softwarelicense

My understanding is that there are more legal gray areas with public domain than there are with even very permissive licenses (MIT, new-BSD, etc). I vaguely recall something about potential issues with public domain and other license incompatibilities, but I don't recall the specifics (and am certainly not a lawyer), so that probably isn't a useful datapoint.

Apache license has patent clauses that make it quite different than the new-BSD/MIT-style licenses.

[2019-12-20] The Website Obesity Crisis softwaremacejweb

[2020-05-18] My YC app: Dropbox - Throw away your USB drive | Hacker News software

I have a few qualms with this app:
1. For a Linux user, you can already build such a system yourself quite trivially by getting an FTP account, mounting it locally with curlftpfs, and then using SVN or CVS on the mounted filesystem. From Windows or Mac, this FTP account could be accessed through built-in software.
2. It doesn't actually replace a USB drive. Most people I know e-mail files to themselves or host them somewhere online to be able to perform presentations, but they still carry a USB drive in case there are connectivity problems. This does not solve the connectivity issue.
3. It does not seem very "viral" or income-generating. I know this is premature at this point, but without charging users for the service, is it reasonable to expect to make money off of this?

haha fascinating

[2018-09-18] rant: Software disenchantment @ softwareperformance

[B] [2020-06-24] Gravis (edited) on Twitter: "one of the primary reasons computers were created was to cross reference data. that is nearly impossible in most software now." / Twitter softwarerantperformance

one of the primary reasons computers were *created* was to cross reference data. that is nearly impossible in most software now.

DONE [A] [2020-02-10] Web Design: The First 100 Years (2014) softwarebloat

[C] If I'm using a GPL 3 library in my project, can I license my project under MIT license? - Open Source Stack Exchange softwarelicense

CREATED: [2019-11-06]
GPL is copyleft, meaning you have to distrubute any derivative works of the original also under the GPL. If you use a GPL library in your project, that creates a derivative work of the library, and your entire project has to be licensed under the GPL.
One exception: if it's the LGPL (Lesser/Linking GPL) then dynamically linking the library does not create a derivative and you're free to license how you want.
One caveat: you can also license your work under annother license. As long as people can get it under GPL, that satisfies the GPL requirements, and you can dual-license with MIT, for example. People can choose which license to follow.

[B] [2020-01-13] Writing Software to Last 50 Years | Lobsters software

[2020-06-08] Obese websites and planet-sized metronomes software

Obese websites and planet-sized metronomes

[2019-01-15] The Website Obesity Crisis software

pretty interesting talk, quite hilarious in the beginning

[2019-01-17] The Bullshit Web — Pixel Envy softwarebloat

[2019-08-18] Tweet from Hillel (@hillelogram), at Aug 17, 23:45 software

But there's a lot of ways software does better too. In particular, we seem a lot better at PROCESS. We're more willing to create tools that improve our ability to engineer, partially because we use the same skills to make tools and products.
Best example? Version control.

Licences softwarelicense

[B] [2019-12-30] Choosing a license for GoatCounter softwarelicense

I’m not especially concerned with patents or people using my work for commercial purposes: a company using my little tool or library (with or without changes) takes away nothing from my little hobby project that I wrote for my own reasons.

[B] [2019-12-30] Can GNU licensed software be used for commercial gain without selling the software? : linux softwarelicense

The only thing (within reason) you can't do is not share the source code if you distribute a modified version (and as /u/ameoba says, GPL v3 makes it clearer what 'distribute' means).
The GPL puts no limits on using free software commercially, it's not mentioned at all.

[B] [2019-12-30] licensing - Question on importing a GPL'ed Python library in commercial code - Stack Overflow softwarelicense

IANAL, but:
Now, the igraph library is GPL licensed. My question is: Can I import igraph and use it in my commercial Python script?
YES. You can write commercial software and distribute it under the GPL. Nothing on GPL prevents commerce. It even explicity says that you can SELL your software at will,
More specifically, does simply importing a GPL Python module make my commercial code liable to be released to the public?
NO. You don't have to release anything. You don't even have to distribute anything.
If you ever distribute your program to someone, you must give (to this person only) the source code, and give full freedom to modify and distribute it under the same license.
Distributing something under GPL or using GPL libraries in your code doesn't force you to create a website and put your program for everybody in the world.

[B] [2019-12-30] licensing - Question on importing a GPL'ed Python library in commercial code - Stack Overflow softwarelicense

of course, nothing is keeping that person you gave it to from putting your program up on your web for everybody in the world. – Aaron Jun 16 '09 at 5:50

[B] [2019-12-30] Is an import in python considered to be dynamic linking? - Stack Overflow softwarelicense

No, loading a pure-Python module is not considered a form of dynamic linking.

Traditional dynamic linking loads machine code into a new chunk of memory, and multiple executable processes can be given access (the dynamically linked library only needs to be loaded once, virtual memory takes care of the rest). The linker connects the executable and the dynamic library at runtime.

Loading a Python module, on the other hand, loads the bytecode for the modules into the Python process itself (Python will compile the source code if no bytecode cache is available at this time too). The loaded modules are not shared between processes. No translation has to take place, the result of running the bytecode produces new objects in the Python heap that all existing code in the interpreter can interact with.

No linker is involved in this process, no separate memory, to the OS there are no separate sections of memory to be managed as the module is simply part of the Python process memory.

[B] [2019-12-30] licensing - How does the GPL static vs. dynamic linking rule apply to interpreted languages? - Software Engineering Stack Exchange softwarelicense

[B] [2019-12-30] copyright - Citing Borrowed Code - Software Engineering Stack Exchange softwarelicense

In the case of GPL, in order to use the snippet of code, you must also release ALL of your code under the GPL and include the GPL license as part of your distributed product. You do not need to cite which part you borrowed.

[B] [2019-12-30] licensing - How does the GPL static vs. dynamic linking rule apply to interpreted languages? - Software Engineering Stack Exchange softwarelicense

The interpreted program, to the interpreter, is just data; a free software license like the GPL, based on copyright law, cannot limit what data you use the interpreter on. You can run it on any data (interpreted program), any way you like, and there are no requirements about licensing that data to anyone.
As for generic question about dynamic vs static linking. First of all, FSF's and Stallman's view is that it doesn't matter if linking is static or dynamic, GPL infects either way. From FSF GPL FAQ:
If the program dynamically links plug-ins, and they make function calls to each other and share data structures, we believe they form a single program, which must be treated as an extension of both the main program and the plug-ins. This means that combination of the GPL-covered plug-in with the non-free main program would violate the GPL.
Linking [name of your program] statically or dynamically with other modules is making a combined work based on [name of your program]. Thus, the terms and conditions of the GNU General Public License cover the whole combination
However, this is questionable from legal point of view. In the only case that actually went to court regarding dynamic linking — Galoob v. Nintendo — Court of Appeals ruled that derivative work "must incorporate a portion of the copyrighted work in some form". Which is not the case with dynamic linking.
Anyway regardless if dynamic linking does indeed infect or not, there is work around. It's used for example by Nvidia to provide binary drivers for Linux. You create (L)GPL wrapper, but as author you are allowed to add special exception to link with specific closed-source. Vide FSF GPL FAQ.

[B] [2019-12-30] licensing - How does the GPL static vs. dynamic linking rule apply to interpreted languages? - Software Engineering Stack Exchange softwarelicense

The GPL doesn't say anything about static or dynamic linking. It doesn't even say anything about linking at all. Every lawyer or judge I talked to says that the issue of static and dynamic linking is completely irrelevant.

[B] [2019-12-30] softwarelicense

I do have a conclusion however: if you have a python module which is not GPL-compatible but uses the API of another python module covered by the GPL chances are you are fine if: (i) you are not taking away market share of the GPL module. And (ii) you are not derriving or extending the creative work or copyrightable content of the module. But there's no distinct line, common sense is your friend (and enemy).

[2019-12-30] When licenses attack softwarelicense

This is why we need answers
Nobody that I know is trying to steal anyone else’s code or sneak around someone else’s license. As someone who both benefits from and produces freely-licensed software, I wouldn’t stand for that. But well-meaning people can easily get bogged down in the morass that is license terms. To deal with this problem, the types of questions Jacob was asking yesterday need clear, common answers, many of which are not currently found in the FAQ documents of popular licenses (e.g., what exactly is “linking” in the context of a language like Python? If software is only used inside a particular company, is it being “distributed”?). Of course, any such answers would be subject to “until a court rules definitively one way or another”, but anything would be better than what we have right now.

[B] [2019-10-07] "Roads and Bridges: The Unseen Labor Behind Our Digital Infrastructure", Nadia Eghbal 2016 /r/gwern softwareopensource

[2019-04-19] Bret Victor, beast of burden softwarebloatbretvictor!/ABriefRantOnTheFutureOfInteractionDesign
I mean, his page is awesome but because of overly heavy design all annotations end u orphaned

  • [2019-04-19] shit, even selection doesn't work

what's a good app for building communities around software? software

  • [2020-05-27] needs to be (or even better, when they support threads in Element?)
  • [2020-06-30] sucks
    • ok, discord is a bit crap because lacks proper threading
    • need to sign up to read & search it
    • you can't engage with the information (e.g. search) without joining first.
    • closed source
    • aggressive towards alternative clients

e.g. for #memex community software

[C] [2021-04-04] (24) Velocity 2012: Richard Cook, "How Complex Systems Fail" - YouTube software

not much specific advice…
but the basic idea is that

  • maintenance 'periods' is a myth – usually it's more or less continuous in complex systems
  • if the system is too blackboxy its very hard to maintain in unexpected scenarios
  • you need to trust ops people with the system

STRT [B] [2021-03-06] Element | Malleable Systems Collective softwaretoblogmalleable

Would be interesting to have an overview of these 'galleries' and compare their approach to sharing. E.g. ifttt-like workflows/IDE plugins/greasemonkey hacks/web extensions, etc. Maybe we'll figure out some best practices from it

[2021-04-12] softwaretoblogmalleable

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