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[A] [2019-09-24] it started bothering me increasingly. formulating thoughts is hard and when you've came up and TODO shaped? good atom of information, last thing you want to do is duplicate it. literate

it gets worse when you have different markdown formats (e.g. RST for python)

TODO [C] why org is superior for readmes literatetoblogorg

CREATED: [2019-10-12]

org-babel (search by beginsrc) in my readmes

TODO [C] defining custom language on top of existing, e.g. demonstrating static analysis tools literate

CREATED: [2019-10-23]

[C] [2019-08-18] tried to use cog, but it doesn't really work well for interacting with python functions literatepython

----------------------------------- literate

[C] [2019-09-23] NiklasRosenstein/pydoc-markdown: Create Python API documentation in Markdown format. literate

TODO [C] literate

CREATED: [2020-01-16]

TODO [C] literate

CREATED: [2020-01-20]

TODO [C] [2019-09-01] docopt—language for description of command-line interfaces literate

docopt helps you:

define the interface for your command-line app, and
automatically generate a parser for it.

docopt is based on conventions that have been used for decades in help messages and man pages for describing a program's interface. An interface description in docopt is such a help message, but formalized. Here is an example:

STRT [C] [2020-01-19] Noweb home page literate

Noweb — A Simple, Extensible Tool for Literate Programming

STRT [D] [2019-09-15] Automatic code documentation with recorded examples from runtime literate

TODO [B] [2020-05-20] Why does it need a metric ton of permissions? To everything - data, history, not… | Hacker News literatesecuritywebext

Why does it need a metric ton of permissions? To everything - data, history, notifications etc.

literate permissions?

[2019-08-14] Pycco - Beautiful Literate Python : Python literatepython

I'd rather use something that processes docstrings. Using comments like this doesn't feel very Pythonic.

pycco for literate python programming…

[2019-08-21] eh, it's a bit too linear literatepython

[D] [2020-04-13] Pollen: the book is a program literate

Pollen: the book is a program

STRT [C] [2020-05-19] The magic notebook for exploring data / Observable literatejs

[2021-02-11] ugh. it kinda sucked literatejs

  • can't run notebook locally
  • can't preserver the outputs
  • can't export to static HTML

[C] mpastell/Pweave: Pweave is a scientific report generator and a literate programming tool for Python. It can capture the results and plots from data analysis and works well with numpy, scipy and matplotlib. literate

CREATED: [2019-01-09]

TODO [D] example of using –help or doc literatekobuddy

CREATED: [2019-10-09]

benefit is that your source becomes literate and you can keep doc next to source code

TODO [C] [2019-10-26] Literal examples - The Org Manual literate

TODO [C] [2020-02-12] Show HN: Anansi – a NoWeb-inspired literate programming preprocessor | Hacker News literate

In practice, very few pieces of software are written in a way that lends itself to a cohesive narrative. Software is written by numerous developers, layer by layer, often with hacks thrown in. New people come on, don't understand the whole thing, change parts of it, and move on. The requirements change, and the system contorts itself to serve multiple purposes that weren't envisioned by the original coders.

TODO [C] [2020-01-26] literate-readme · GitHub Topics literate

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