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My long outstanding post on some experiments with Lagrangians: They see me flowin' they hatin'.

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[A] * why lagrangian

TODO [B] write motivation for trying to understand; and also note that lagrangians do not necessarily describe fundamental physics (e.g. solid state etc) lagrangian

CREATED: [2019-07-14]

TODO [C] Motivation for investigating the shape lagrangian

CREATED: [2019-10-25]

One could just say it's pointless to try different shapes because the normal lagrangian works. Analogy is aaronsons speculations on l2 norm for quantum mechanics

[B] * ideas lagrangian

TODO [B] [2019-10-25] I made a web-based interactive simulator for electromagnetic waves /r/Physics lagrangiansimviz

[2019-12-29] wow, awesome simulation.. lagrangiansimviz

  • [2019-12-29] wonder if I could do smth similar for post on lagrangians? lagrangianvizsimtoblog

    e.g. exploring Lagrangia??

TODO [B] [2020-06-03] apply some ideas from 'toward an exploratory medium' to my post on lagrangians? make it really interactive, with typing in arbitrary formula and numeric integration?? lagrangian

STRT [C] Lagrangian 3d lagrangianviz

CREATED: [2019-01-28]

DONE [B] name the post "they see me flowin' they hatin'" and add short summary below lagrangian

CREATED: [2019-01-17]

TODO [C] plot actual trajectories?? lagrangian

CREATED: [2019-01-15]

STRT [C] draw slope field!!! lagrangian

CREATED: [2018-12-28]

TODO [D] Meditate what would be ideal form for my post about Lagrangians (formula is important unlike what Bret Victor says).pinching for phase plots, automatic numerical solving, tooltips, highlighted stuff lagrangian

CREATED: [2019-06-17]

[C] * publicity lagrangian

------------------------------- lagrangian

[C] [2018-11-29] hmm I understood quite a few things while writing that post about lagrangian lagrangianwritingstudy

[C] [2018-12-28] The Feynman Lectures on Physics Vol. II Ch. 19: The Principle of Least Action lagrangiantoblogphysics

“Here is how it works: Suppose that for all paths, SS is very large compared to ℏℏ. One path contributes a certain amplitude. For a nearby path, the phase is quite different, because with an enormous SS even a small change in SS means a completely different phase—because ℏℏ is so tiny. So nearby paths will normally cancel their effects out in taking the sum—except for one region, and that is when a path and a nearby path all give the same phase in the first approximation (more precisely, the same action within ℏℏ). Only those paths will be the important ones. So in the limiting case in which Planck’s constant ℏℏ goes to zero, the correct quantum-mechanical laws can be summarized by simply saying: ‘Forget about all these probability amplitudes. The particle does go on a special path, namely, that one for which SS does not vary in the first approximation.’ That’s the relation between the principle of least action and quantum mechanics. The fact that quantum mechanics can be formulated in this way was discovered in 1942 by a student of that same teacher, Bader, I spoke of at the beginning of this lecture. [Quantum mechanics was originally formulated by giving a differential equation for the amplitude (Schrödinger) and also by some other matrix mathematics (Heisenberg).]

TODO this is for my legendre post? lagrangiantoblogphysics

TODO [D] Shit, legendre transform is not unique??? lagrangian

CREATED: [2019-06-21]

TODO [C] [2018-12-03] Calculus of variations - Wikipedia lagrangianviz

hmm, that would be pretty cool to visualise!!

also what about Euler-Lagrange??

TODO [B] Let’s take another example. Suppose the Hamiltonian is given by lagrangian

CREATED: [2020-02-01]

Todo H=pq similar to my expriments
from The Theoretical Minimum by George Hrabovsky

TODO xx lagrangiantotweetoutboxlagrangians

CREATED: [2021-01-14]

in classical mechanics, lagrangian blablabla
but what if we use a different function, which is not included in the textbooks

complete bullshit
well maybe they don't include it in the textbook for reasons

TODO [B] [2019-08-03] Simulating Quantum Mechanics Using Matplotlib and Tkinter /r/Python lagrangian

[2019-08-04] huh. apparently people in comments really love the fact that you can interact with the simulator. even though it's quite simple to implement lagrangiansim

TODO [2019-08-04] wonder if I could do smth similar with my lagrangian thing? Maybe mess with potential interactively lagrangiansim

[2019-01-27] good lagrangian points intuition lagrangianphysicsspace

This is a graph of potential, which also serves as an analogy that sort of helps you figure out what the overall force on an orbiting object is: if you placed a ball on this surface and it was going to roll "downhill", which way would it go? The five crosses mark points where the top surface is flat, so an object at those points will experience no overall force acting on it (if it's orbiting at the same speed as the moon). These are therefore pseudo-stable points where you could leave a satellite orbiting.

[B] [2019-01-07] classical mechanics - What if the Euler Lagrange equation yields a 'trivial' answer - Mathematics Stack Exchange lagrangiantoblog

[B] For Lagrangian stuff, talk out loud lagrangianwritingtostudyblog

CREATED: [2020-02-21]
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