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thought experiment: you move away from the clock with the speed of light – you see the same image on the clock (but you are still aging) tostudygrelativity

CREATED: [2020-04-07]
  • [2021-06-18] huh, what did I mean here?
    you won't move with the speed of light, but even assuming approx lightspeed, you'll see the clock moving slower
    (you can think of it as consecutive 'rays' from ticks taking longer to reach you? not sure if it's flawed)
    maybe I was trying to come up with intuition for remembering that for a moving object time is slower?
    I guess this also makes sense if you think about 4-velocity – it's magnitude is constant, so any spatial components increase results in temporal component decrease?

TODO [C] Egan time dimensions tostudygregegan

CREATED: [2020-08-31]
If you like hard sci-fi, Greg Egan has a written a few books that cover what life would be like if there were 2 dimensions of time ( or if the dimension of time was sumed instead of subtracted when measuring distance (
It's amazing to think how the universe is ruled by such minute details.

STRT [C] PAC learning tostudyml

CREATED: [2019-02-07]

Probably Approximately Correct (PAC) learning model
from Scott Aaronson on Philosophical Progress - Machine Intelligence Research Institute

[2019-07-22] An important innovation of the PAC framework is the introduction of complexity theory concepts to ML tostudyml

[D] [2019-03-27] Лингвопанк on Twitter: "Фонетическая карта человеческого рта. Для каждого звука дан его источник (для большинства — положение языка) запись IPA и английское слово, где он звучит." / Twitter tostudy

TODO [D] learn IPA tostudyenglish

CREATED: [2018-02-17]

TODO [D] read tostudy

CREATED: [2018-03-21]

[D] [2019-02-09] topos tostudy

TODO [D] how to implement DNS? tostudy

CREATED: [2018-04-03]

TODO [D] Learn to buy gifts tostudy

CREATED: [2018-02-03]

TODO [D] reverse eng for beginners tostudyctftoread

CREATED: [2018-04-03]
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