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A replacement for Google Home/Alexa which actually has a chance of doing anything else apart from switching music

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STRT [B] Mycroft AI passistantmycroft

hmm, this looks quite promising! passistantmycroft

installation: erm, it just removed moc and mpd… passistantmycroft

TODO base my note adding thing on that? passistantmycroft

TODO remind me to make tea in 1 minute >> I've set a reminder for three thirteen tomorrow – bug! passistantmycroft

TODO – ok, this kinda works.. but not sure where is it storing recordings.. passistantmycroft

TODO this sort of works… e.g. for timers passistantmycroft

[2019-06-25] need audio confirmation for started timer… passistantmycroft

TODO [D] [2019-06-25] start using it for timers? passistantmycroft

[B] [2020-03-14] Ask HN: Non-cloud voice recognition for home use? | Hacker News passistant

TODO [C] Mycroft, Sirius, Jasper, Jarvis, Betty, etc. passistant

STRT Kalliope passistant
looks very promising!

kalliope is multilingual (as opposed to mycroft?)

sudo apt-get install libttspico0 libttspico-utils libttspico-data – pico thing
apt install sox

python3.6 ../kalliope/ start
python3.6 ../kalliope/ gui – gui seems to be crashing occasionally..

og, got to say kalleopeeeee apparently – some keys are here…

[C] [2018-06-10] Home Assistant passistant

[2019-03-19] leon-ai/leon: 🧠 Leon is your open-source personal assistant. passistant

[2019-04-08] eh. unclear how is it better than other assistants passistant

[2018-12-24] Best of open source smart home: Home Assistant vs OpenHAB /r/selfhosted passistant

Mycroft AI passistantmycroft

TODO [C] [2019-06-13] Mycroft Project: Search Engine Plugins - Firefox IE Chrome passistantmycroftsearch

[2019-06-25] Things I've learned and things I still don't know after a couple of days with Mycroft - Mycroft Project - Mycroft Community Forum passistantmycroft

[C] [2019-05-04] I am the Founder and CEO of Mycroft AI the privacy focused, open source, AI voice assistant. AMA! /r/IAmA passistantmycroft

As the Software Architect of the backend code, I can tell you that we do plan to make that code public.  We are in the middle of an architecture change right now.  After all the backend code is using the new architecture, we will make the change.

TODO [C] eh, mycroft consuming 40% cpu ?? passistantmycroft

CREATED: [2019-07-01]

TODO [C] mess with settings in powertop? passistantmycroft

CREATED: [2019-06-28]

TODO [C] [2019-06-25] - Mycroft passistantmycroft

[2020-03-28] Home assistant + Mycroft passistantmycroft

Home assistant is a home automation tool, not a voice assistant. You can even hook up Mycroft to Home Assistant.

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STRT [D] [2019-09-22] DongjunLee/kino-bot: Personal Assistant Based on Slack Bot for Myself passistant

STRT [D] [2019-09-25] Некстджен и Усиление on Twitter: "За один вечер - USB-чарджер, наушники, очки и кольцо с Alexa. Неплохо, осталось носки и баттплаг с ней соорудить, чтобы Алекса точно 24 часа в сутки могла слушать, как кряхтит всё мясо планеты - может, однажды ответит и на этот невербализованный вопрос." / Twitter passistant

а один вечер - USB-чарджер, наушники, очки и кольцо с Alexa.

[2020-05-14] only invitation for now passistant

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