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Lately, I've been mostly tracking what I've read on goodreads, sometimes I leave reviews there too.

Here I keep some older notes & some clippings from Kindle… I'm still in the process of trying to publish clippings & highlights.

You might also be interested in my reading list.

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[C] [2019-02-13] BLIT - a short story by David Langford http://www.infinityplus.co.uk/stories/blit.htm mindgodel

DONE https://www.blinkist.com/en/books/moonwalking-with-einstein-en memory

  • phonological loop
  • So the next time you need to learn a new name, make an association between the sound of the person’s name and a vivid image. For instance, Ronald Reagan could become Donald Duck (Donald sounds like Ronald) holding a Ray Gun (Reagan).

DONE [C] [2018-06-15] Inadequate Equilibria: Where and How Civilizations Get Stuck

[2018-01-03] айзек азимов движущая сила

meh, not too interesting
about Earth ecological control and guy who wanted biodiversity

[2018-01-02] Лем Загадка mds

Quite primitive, no punchline. Robot names & stuff is a bit corny.

[2019-04-08] Шекли прогулка mdsbook

Meh. Какой-то очень плоский рассказ

DONE [C] Trainspotting? read

CREATED: [2020-09-16]

CNCL [D] neuromancer hotz recommendation read

CREATED: [2020-10-22]

DONE [B] [2019-05-05] Greg Egan: Perihelion summer (recommended by John Baez)

DONE [B] [2019-05-08] Exhalation eBook by Ted Chiang | Rakuten Kobo

DONE [A] [2019-12-28] Permutation City - Wikipedia

DONE [B] [2019-03-19] New Ted Chiang Incoming : printSF

  • [2019-04-08] Omphalos and Anxiety is the Dizziness of Freedom are the new ones.

DONE [B] [2019-11-06] Brian Armstrong: "Some interesting sci-fi short stories I've read recently | Twitter

Some interesting sci-fi short stories I've read recently
Understand by Ted Chiang
The Gentle Seduction by Marc Stiegler
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