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ΒΆ[B] [2021-05-29] BASIC FOOT TECHNIQUE | CLIMBING TUTORIAL - YouTube climbing

1. warm up the shoes by inserting just the tip
2. clean them from the chalk
3. step on the tip of the toe, so you can maneuver, NOT with the side of the shoe so you have to lift the leg to change angle
4. look where you place your feet
5. climb silently to practice good footwork
6. on structures place feet as far as possible from the wall, so you push into the wall, not away from it
7. also drop heel to get more surface if it is sloped down
8. flagging
9. drop knee, be careful of tendons tho
10. toe hook - make room for the foot, train abs
11. heel hook - train hip flexibility
12. bicycle

good advice on legs/feet placement

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