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[A] * lists manipulation elisp

[A] use dash.el elisp

append '(a b c) '(d e f) to concat elisp

[A] * string manipulation elisp

[A] [2019-09-05] magnars/s.el: The long lost Emacs string manipulation library elisp

much saner and more consisten than builtins

[B] * debugging elisp

[C] [2018-10-13] (message (buffer-string)) elisp

[C] * code style elisp

CREATED: [2018-04-24]


  • variable naming

    • *earmuff* style for mutable globals?


    • dynamic variables have a prefix
    • local variables (or anything set with a let) do not have a prefix
  • prefer when cond to if cond ..., prefer unless cond to if (not cond)
  • predicates
    end with p or -p
  • doesn't have namespaces. package--private-function package-public-function

defclass? elisp

:type slot; trivial-types lib? elisp

[C] [2018-06-18] sharp-quote names of functions (mapcar #'fun list) elisp

[C] [2018-04-24] elisp basics elisp

cursor point region http://ergoemacs.org/emacs/elisp_cursor_position.html


&optional prams.
&rest remaining params

no named params, no type checking..


[B] [2020-02-02] /r/emacs: (Almost) All You Need to Know About Variables elisp

[C] [2021-01-06] unwind-protect works as with / try-finally block elisppython

TODO [C] lisp unpacking like in python (let ((x '(2 3))) `(1 ,@x 4 5)) elispdrillpython

CREATED: [2021-01-01]

---------------------------------------- elisp

TODO [D] [2019-07-24] /r/emacs: Tutorial on Good Lisp Programming Style elisp

[C] [2020-12-13] More batteries included with emacs | Karthinks regexes in elisp elisp

A cleaner approach to regular expressions in Emacs, as most package maintainers will tell you, is to use the rx library instead. rx translates regular expressions in sexp form to a regexp string:

TODO [C] [2021-01-02] Wilfred/ht.el: The missing hash table library for Emacs elisp

[D] [2020-02-16] Changing Properties - GNU Emacs Lisp Reference Manual https://www.gnu.org/software/emacs/manual/html_node/elisp/Changing-Properties.html elisp

Function: add-text-properties start end props &optional object
This function adds or overrides text properties for the text between start and end in the string or buffer object. If object is nil, it defaults to the current buffer.


TODO [D] [2019-09-20] How to Locate the Variable I Need? : orgmode elisptoblogorg


The way I deal with these things: if it's not immediately searchable on stackoverlow, I wouldn't bother doing web search.
My thinking would be:
Ok, what builting org function could possibly use number of stars? Right, when I promote/demote the subtree it must be using that at some point.

small tutorial for hacking on emacs?

TODO [C] mention defvar vs setq elispemacs

CREATED: [2020-02-24]

[D] [2020-02-15] Emacs Should Be Emacs Lisp - Tom Tromey https://braindump.jethro.dev/talks/emacs_should_be_emacs_lisp/ elisp

[D] [2020-02-16] What's the performance · Issue #19 · alphapapa/org-ql https://github.com/alphapapa/org-ql/issues/19 elisp

Yes, it's generally slower because it checks every heading with predicates. The tradeoff is that the code is more composable and understandable than the 5-screens-long functions in org-agenda.el. Even so, for a lot of use cases, it's fast enough already. There is already a per-buffer, per-query cache that makes performance fast on repeated queries in unchanged buffers, which helps a lot.

[D] [2020-02-16] What's the performance · Issue #19 · alphapapa/org-ql https://github.com/alphapapa/org-ql/issues/19 elisp

    One cool trick that elfeed implements is JIT-compilation of search queries. If you call a function in a map or a loop or something similar this makes a difference.
Yeah, I learned that trick from Chris's code. Both the "predicate" function and "action" function are byte-compiled before running the "query".

[D] [2020-02-24] bbatsov/emacs-lisp-style-guide: A community-driven Emacs Lisp style guide elisp

[C] [2021-02-09] (8) Writing A Spotify Client in 16 Minutes - YouTube elisp

I mean.. ok, but nothing super remarkable idk?
should do a similar demo in python, for example

[2021-02-08] type -a nathan | awk 'END{print}' / Twitter elisp

(elt "arst" 2)

nth element of string

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