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Where to learn skateboard

TODO [B] [2023-04-09] Skateboarding Lessons and Parties in London - School of Skate skateboard

seems decent

Posture and stance skateboard

[B] [2023-04-12] 20 common mistakes beginner skateboarders should avoid skateboard

- Riding with your front foot too close to the bolts
- Not keeping your shoulders square
- Bending your knees too much
- Not leaning forward
- Looking at the ground
- Not using your front foot to steer
- Not keeping your weight centered
- Not learning to stop properly

[B] [2023-04-09] keep body as low as possible when trying new things/tricks, arms low – that way falling is less painful skateboard

Surfskate skateboard

Surfskate is fun, and quite different from a regular skateboard.

The basic idea is that you don't need to continuously push it, you accelerate by twisting your body and 'pumping' energy into it.

I've got a Yow Kontiki 34'' high performance series.

[2023-08-14] Start Surfskate Pumping Quickly with this 4-Word Technique skateboard

The four simple words are, "heel down, toe up."

has a video too

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