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TODO [B] Tip of the day: if you can't find X, look for things that might be blocking your view of think

CREATED: [2019-05-07]
(Obvious as it sounds, I stop and consciously make myself do this sometimes and it often works.)

STRT [B] More thoughts about perfect models think

CREATED: [2019-05-22]

One realization was that my parents are also not best at every possible reshare and made mistakes and bad decisions

TODO Or the notion of computation think

CREATED: [2019-05-22]

STRT [B] [2019-09-30] Квантовое самоубийство — Википедия thinkquantum

Риск того, что в результате эксперимента ружьё выстрелит и участник умрёт, составляет 50 %. Если копенгагенская интерпретация верна, то ружьё в конечном итоге выстрелит, и участник умрёт.
Если же верна многомировая интерпретация Эверетта, то в результате каждого проведенного эксперимента вселенная расщепляется на две вселенных, в одной из которых участник остается жив, а в другой погибает.
В мирах, где участник умирает, он перестает существовать. Напротив, с точки зрения неумершего участника, эксперимент будет продолжаться, не приводя к исчезновению участника.
Это происходит потому, что в любом ответвлении участник способен наблюдать результат эксперимента лишь в том мире, в котором он выживает. И если многомировая интерпретация верна, то участник может заметить, что он никогда не погибнет в ходе эксперимента.


TODO [B] Fuzzy search browser plugin; filter certain entries. Deduce similarity (e.g by giving multiple identical elements and figuring out common xpath) thinksearchpkm

CREATED: [2019-08-28]

TODO [B] [2019-12-28] Simulating physical reality with a quantum computer | Lobsters think

Asiking since I feel like this particular example doesn’t answer yet “why bother using quantum computing for that”? In essence, here we just multiply initial state by the evolution matrix, which is a trivial task for classical computers (when the size isn’t exponential).
For instance, when justifying use for Shor’s or Grover’s algorithm it’s easy to understand the speedup since the problems are fairly abstract and it’s clear how compexity grows with size. Wonder if in a similar manner, it’s possible to come up with some made-up system of N electrons (or other particles, if it would make Hamiltonian simpler/closer to reality), that would be relatively easy to solve analytically (or just reason about qualitatevely), but straighforward construction of Hamiltonian matrix would be infeasible? And then once could map the Hamiltonian onto quantum gates and that demonstrate that the results predicated by quantum computer match the analytical solution.

TODO [B] [2019-10-14] Climate technology primer (1/3): basics – Longitudinal Science thinkenvironmentliterate
I could try and make this interactive?

[B] aspects thinkmalleablesoftware

CREATED: [2020-04-27]
  • text aspect (pipes)
  • spreadsheet aspect (??? map/reduce/sql)
  • timeseries aspect
  • tree aspect (xpath queries)

TODO [B] trace 'particles' through the information thinkui

CREATED: [2020-05-04]

e.g. you put it in an integer and you can see how it propagates and impacts throught the systtem
or, you put it in a document, and you can see the further changes, also where it's published and how it spreads
kinda like CT scan

TODO [B] What if a mind is a superposition of close enogh quantum states that represent this mind? And you can cause constructuve inteference to your own mind by measuring? thinkquantum

CREATED: [2020-05-11]

[B] [2019-11-11] I't a bit sad how people concentrate on ideas, not execution think

e.g. datahoarder subreddit – people literally collect data without much recollection for what they are gonna do with it
or degoogle – people are willing to get off google… to apple etc

TODO [B] distribution has got to be MUCH easier. distributing your extension via CWS/AMO is extremely slow, tedious and error prone thinkmalleablewebext

CREATED: [2020-05-02]

TODO [B] is it possible to set up a self-interference experiment assuming many worlds? e.g. merge two branches of the wavefunction thinkquantum

CREATED: [2020-06-18]

TODO [B] qft on finite strip? klein-gordon equation? thinkqft

CREATED: [2020-07-21]

STRT [B] some sort of VFS with data, all data has dependencies think

CREATED: [2020-11-24]

every time you change something, it gradually propagates through VFS
unclear how to make it PL independent

TODO [B] Eating food as a random gaussian walk thinknutrition

CREATED: [2020-09-21]

Eventually you'd get extremely fat just by pure chance?

TODO [B] html + css + js is a very successful model. how to apply it to other computing problems? think

CREATED: [2020-12-12]

TODO [B] 2d grep? both col and row? thinkspreadsheet

CREATED: [2020-05-09]

TODO [B] [2020-04-23] Riot | Malleable Systems Collective think

Clemens Nylandsted Klokmose
    @karlicoss I think this talk is highly relevant: especially the part about digital substrates. I think we have the same issue as soon as we step outside the browser, and it's a fundamental problem in the way we have imagined interfaces should be created, distributed and used.
For desktop apps check out this paper by my friend James

TODO [B] [2020-04-28] Riot | Malleable Systems Collective think

Re: “macroscopic” properties, this seems to me to be closely related to a concept in the natural sciences call “renormalization group flow”, and possibly some ideas from cybernetics.
One could imagine the space of states “flowing” through an app, and the macroscopic ones are those which are the most stable under perturbations (and therefore most ideal for getting strong understanding and building structure on top of). IMHO, the problem with conventional CS is how much it’s digital i.e. conditionals and cases and expects exact states, whereas good systems (to model the real world) might look much more analog in how they can marshal a variety of states into a set of well-defined ones.

[B] [2020-05-07] Slack | hallway | Convivial Computing Salon think

An interesting example is the brush. A brush is "smart": it can help you clean a surface without you having to care about the precise shape of the surface.

TODO [C] Quantum Game with Photons thinkgamequantum

CREATED: [2019-01-28]

STRT [C] metabolism simulator thinkmetabolismsim

CREATED: [2018-06-11]

nothing obvious on github
tool in

[C] Linear function Homotopies computable sets think

TODO [C] Why people should fix nature problems think

CREATED: [2018-08-07]

Two cases: there is greater mind that will stop nature from falling apart. Two cases: we intervene or we're not

If there is a greater mind: we're fine anyway, they will save us.
It there is no: we're at risk of nature and us extincting if we don't do anything.
So it makes more sense to do?

[C] can vote swap really change anything? It's still a cooperation task, but hopefully easier to solve (on the level of state/city/county) think

TODO [C] hmm. kinda like interpreter, which shows some context and suggests what you can do with an object? thinkcomputing

TODO [C] api for tasks, could integrate with other services and mirror them (e.g. github) thinkpkm

CREATED: [2019-02-17]

TODO [C] Tweet from David Larsson (@laserallan), at Aug 14, 08:20 thinkdebugviz

CREATED: [2019-08-14]
@kenpex Technically not a visualization but I was very happy with outputting Geiger counter sounds in proportion to how many memory allocations were made. Gave great feedback on when an application was doing something dumb when it comes to allocations

TODO [C] [2019-07-25] Challenges in open source voice interfaces | thinkorgwledger

Mycroft AI uses two intent parsers. The first, Adapt, uses a keyword-matching approach to determine a confidence score, then passes control to the skill, or command, with the highest confidence. Padatious takes a different approach, where examples of entities are provided so it can learn to recognize an entity within an utterance.

huh, could use that for my org mode parsing?

[C] [2019-06-18] Angelo Gazzola think

What is "build"?
Taking some raw materials and creating something with them. Yes, I consider bytes raw materials.

TODO [C] Federated timeline thoughts thinkmastodon

CREATED: [2020-01-08]

Users weighted by presence in federated timeline
Stats on toot likes/mutes

TODO [C] problem: assembling data from API think

CREATED: [2020-01-11]

api allows retrieving messages before certain timestamp, from newer to older
can you prove that it's not possible to assemble data in some memory efficient and consistent way?

e.g. if we had oldest to newest, it'd be possible to 'extend' both ways, thus persisting middle bit
with one way we have to keep track of and merge 'segments'

binary search? E.g. artificially make 'oldest to newest' by reverting query results think

another approach think

say messages go from A …. Z – oldest to newest'
fetch: K — P ; interrupted
so you've got some middle chunk.
you can extend left bit committing regularly
e.g. G - K => G — P
B - G => B – P

Right bit, however, is more trickly. You'll always have to commit in a single transaction

Otherwise you might end with a gap after P you'll never close

It's actually ok if you run often enough. But if you don't run for a year and want to carry on, it's gonna be quite annoying.

I guess one option is –refresh mode? go from the very end, ignore beginning and just fill it

TODO [C] some thoughts on before= API vs after= API thinkapiexports

CREATED: [2020-01-11]

I'd never imagine I'd be coming up with theoretical puzzles involving APIs… but here I am.

Say you've got an API serving messages (say, <= 10 at a time) from newest to oldest.

In addition you've got optional 'before' parameter:

  • fetch() – gives 10 latest messages (TODO this one isn't even necessary?)
  • fetch(before='31 Dec 2019 23:59:59') – gives 10 latest (ish) messages in 2019

Now imagine you want to persist all messages in the database and TODO properties

  • assumptions on resiliency – say you experience cosmic particles every minute that reboots your computer. So you can't keep messages in RAM/database journal for too long
  • assumptions on data transfer?
  • assumptions on RAM – not sure if necessary, basically bounded by ram/s ans seconds of uptimes?
  • assumptions on catching up – i.e. you want to progress in terms of ??? e.g. for each n, amount of messages <n unavailable decreases with time?

If API was different (TODO maybe even mentioning newet to oldest isn't important). can always sort.

  • fetch(after=XXX)
  • fetch(before=XXX)

allows for fairly easy

[oldest … newest] – persistent in db

oldest, newest = querydb()
extraold = fetch(before=oldest)
with db.transaction():
extranew = fetch(after=newest)
with db.transaction():

TODO in fact, even easier. if we only had after (assuming we could use 0 timestamp), then

newest = querydb() # always assumes
if newest is None:
newest = 0
extranew = fetch(after=newest)
with db.transaction():

the question is – what's fundamentally wrong with 'before' api that makes it so hard? am I onto something deeper?

TODO [C] defensive policy? basically add validate() method thinkexportsdal

CREATED: [2020-01-17]

it collects properties and force evaluates them

TODO [C] old stuff from pinboard DAL thinkexports

CREATED: [2020-01-17]
class Error(Exception):
    def __init__(self, raw: Dict) -> None:
        super().__init__(f'error while processing {raw}')
        self.raw = raw

    def uid(self) -> str:
        return self.raw['hash']

# def get_entries() -> List[Result]:
#     return list(sort_res_by(iter_entries(), key=lambda e: (e.created, e.url)))
# def get_ok_entries() -> List[Bookmark]:
#     logger = get_logger()
#     results = []
#     for x in get_entries():
#         try:
#             res = unwrap(x)
#         except Exception as e:
#             logger.exception(e)
#         else:
#             results.append(res)
#     return results

# TODO motivation for having historic backups: can keep track of changes (if you're into that sort of stats)
# TODO why data backups are hard: defensive parsing so it wouldn't require your attention immediately?
# TODO error attribute?

# alternatives:
# fill fields with dummy ids/etc/ and pass eror=Exception
# error: Optional[]
# might still break some invariants (e.g TODO friends??)
# benefit is that you don't have to do anything special and users code wouldn't fail
# downside is that it's easy to miss errors?

# returning Union[Result, Exception]
# downside: no standard method of processing such things in python
# if user forgets to handle Exception, they would end up with more exceptions which is arguably more annoying?
# on the other hand, if you got exception and
# the only minor annoyance is mypy?
# annoying to force user to han
# upside is that static checkers assist you with that (e.g. isinstance(x, Exception))
# TODO could also export Exception/Error type?

# best of two worlds?
# 'strict' -- throw all errors? requires assistance from TODO; error=None
# 'defensive' -- sets up error=attribute?
# 'return' -- TODO return exceptions?

# TODO defensive

STRT [C] Like helm but for Android? thinkphonepkm

CREATED: [2020-01-22]

Run custom command so it could support grep, ripgrep or whatever

TODO Wonder how mad would using actual emacs/helm be? thinkphonepkmemacs

CREATED: [2020-01-22]

[2021-01-21] def should go this route. fuck android programming and apps thinkpkmphoneemacs

TODO [C] would be cool to visualise dtypes after running numpy? thinkviznumpy

CREATED: [2019-07-24]

TODO [C] Tweet from jestem króliczkiem (@karlicoss), at Sep 20, 01:17 thinkkeyboardui

CREATED: [2019-09-20]
@hillelogram had similar thoughts lately; on the other hand implementing right bindings/keyboard navigation patterns is quite hard from the developer's perspective. I wish there was something like html DOM for desktop/phone applications, then 3rd party devs could enhance existing software

TODO [C] Dsl could be a good way to learn a new declarative language? thinkdslpython

CREATED: [2020-02-04]

E.g. you could compensate with code for something you couldn't do in dsl

STRT [C] Dropbox missed opportunity for local first apps thinkmalleable

CREATED: [2020-04-27]

[C] hmm, what if conversations evolve horizontally, not vertically? e.g. on top you have a stack of previous conversations displayed think

CREATED: [2020-05-17]

TODO [C] try to infer statistical properties from explicit solving on quantum computer? thinkquantumsimulate

CREATED: [2019-12-31]

TODO [C] browser extension for 'curated' lightweight internet think

CREATED: [2020-01-21]

e.g. strip off unnecessary images and javascript , make CSS denser and more informative, etc

TODO [C] Start publishing some of my stuff. Maybe start with reddit comments thinkpostprivacy

CREATED: [2020-05-09]

TODO [C] dunno about sunk cost thinktoblogsoftware

CREATED: [2020-05-20]

maybe there is no sunk cost here.

  • writing up something: X days
  • polishing for othe people: 2X days (feels like comparable number of days!! if not more!)
  • documenting: X days

TODO [C] yield in two places in code: splitting iterator by predicate thinkideaspythonyield

CREATED: [2019-12-24]

def split(it: Iterator[X], predicate: X -> bool) -> (Iterator[X], Iterator[X]):
passed = slot()
failed = slot()
for i in it:
if predicate(x):
yield into passed
yield into failed
return passed, failed

not sure if that's very self consistent…
e.g. when we iterate over returned passed – how to iteratoe over failed as well
although could just treat
but how to transform this syntactically?

STRT wonder if it can be rewritten with coroutines thinkideaspythonyield

[2019-12-24] similar idea: groupby fully on iterators thinkideaspythonyield

def groupby(it: Iterator[X], key: X -> Y) -> Iterator[Iterator[X]]:
last = None
groups = slot()
group = slot()
def flush():
nonlocal group, last
if last is not None:
yield group into groups
group = slot()
last = None

for i in it:
if last is not None and key(last) != key(i):
yield i into group
last = i
'return' groups # more like yield from?

items = [1, 1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 5, 5, 5, 4, 4, 4, 2]

predicate = lambda x: x

for git in groupby(items, predicate):

count = 0
for i in git:
if i % 2 == 1:
count += 1
if count > 0:

[2019-12-24] it's kinda like ( ) generator syntax; but not inline thinkideaspythonyield

[2020-12-19] def looks like coroutines thinkideaspythonyield

TODO [C] So, I really wanna live forever? think

CREATED: [2020-01-23]

Try to find an answer why? Why do I want to remove all this physical routine from my life? What do I do instead?

TODO [C] [2020-04-27] Riot | Malleable Systems Collective thinktotweet

The physical objects around us have aspects, e.g. size, weight, temperature, fragility, stiffness.
They are very macroscopic, continuous and stable properties, so easy to experiment with and reason about.
That's also why it is somewhat flexible and possible combine and use in novel ways.

TODO [C] RSS reader would be a perfect fit for app over syncthing? thinkrss

CREATED: [2020-05-21]

TODO [C] People i admire think

CREATED: [2020-06-27]


TODO [C] Hamiltonian for computation thinkcomputingphysics

CREATED: [2020-06-28]

[C] [2020-07-15] Nick Cammarata on Twitter: "After hearing about friends having great experiences treating GPT-3 as a therapist I tried it myself and 5 minutes in oh my god it goes straight for the throat I feel so seen" / Twitter think

After hearing about friends having great experiences treating GPT-3 as a therapist I tried it myself and 5 minutes in oh my god it goes straight for the throat I feel so seen

TODO [C] thread on quantum computation and errors? thinktotweettoblog

CREATED: [2020-08-02]

(1 0) – spin up, (0 1) – spin down
quantum gates – a thing can only evolve according to schrodinger's equation
(analogy to ordinary gates?)
δ t – gate only acts over Hamiltonian (???), it means inherent error?

TODO [C] If it waas my last day what would i do? thinkmindmeditation

CREATED: [2018-07-26]

TODO [C] [2019-11-17] jestem króliczkiem on Twitter: "@gwern (somewhat ironically) that page does have ids set on divs, but no visible paragraph anchors, I referred to that section specifically:" / Twitter thinkcodingpkm

TODO [C] dependent types for typing pandas/numpy tensor operations would be so great thinkpython

CREATED: [2020-09-14]

TODO [C] discuss cambria think

CREATED: [2020-10-08]
  • dependent types/property testing for verifying lenses
  • supply javascript code for migration, and send as part of data. execute in a sandbox. kind of like event streams??
  • even if you can't squeeze everything into that paradigm, maybe 80% would be a great improvement.
    kind of like ADTs are awesome and even though not everything can be ADT, representing most of your data as such is a massive improvement

STRT [C] experiment with lazy values thinkpython

CREATED: [2019-07-23]
from functools import lru_cache
class lazy:
    def __init__(self, factory):
        self.factory = factory

    def _inst(self):
        return self.factory()

    def __getattribute__(self, key):
        # return getattr(self._inst(), key, value)

l = lazy(lambda: {'a': 'xxx'})


print(getattr(l, '__iter__'))

for x in l:

[C] [2020-06-20] Joe Rogan Experience 1350 - Nick Bostrom - YouTube think

simulation bugs must be fucking annoying – in real programs program states are often very hacky and arbitrary even from the outside, let alone how hard would it be to grasp from within inside

[C] [2020-06-22] Ben Goertzel: Artificial General Intelligence | AI Podcast #103 with Lex Fridman - YouTube thinktotweet

is it moral to jump on a spacecraft near the speed of light and come back when infinite life extension is possible?
the dilemma is – someone got to. if everyone jumps on the ships to cheat death, they'd all have the same flow of time relative to each other
in a way, fastforwarding time is a privilege?

[2020-07-09] or could use a black hole? thinktotweet

[C] [2020-10-06] David S. on Twitter: "@BartoszMilewski Penrose diagram for a black hole. Light rays travel at 45 deg. Once you pass the horizon then doomed to hit the singularity, but you will still see your feet (F-&gt;H light ray). Some other observer outside the horizon cannot see your feet after they pass the event horizon." / Twitter think

hmm so I guess your body could be 109m long and it wouldn't matter because you can only see past signals anyway (and you'll cross the event horizon faster?) basically your body is your lightcone, so the side doesn't matter, and the mind is pointlike (in GR you either have the same observer, or different, and it's kind of discrete in that sense)

I wonder what it means for a distributed system of neurons as it's passing through the events horizon though? Although it'll have a local update limit (irrelevant to speed of light, more of signal propagation rate), wonder what it would sense

[2020-10-06] although maybe nothing would happen? Signals move just fine whatever the direction think

TODO [C] generator with fixed number of items thinkmypy

CREATED: [2020-12-02]

would be sort of cool for 'parallel' processing of heterogenous functions etc, dunno

[2020-12-19] tricky to type properly because of yield from? thinkmypy

TODO [D] ml grind fineness detector thinkideascoffee

CREATED: [2019-06-01]

[D] Reduction of NPC problems to some funny NPC games thinkgamecs

[D] Graph problem: mark a subset of tree's vertices if after visiting a vertex, it's color is inverted think

[D] grammar equivalence for some CFG classes think

[D] global minimum quantum algorithm think

[D] agda recursion theorem, computability theorems think

[D] Halt decidable finite thinkcs

[D] нейронные сети клеточный автомат think

[D] Constructive QM think

[D] Logic of cauchy real numbers, optimizing calculations think

TODO [D] latex types, dimensions and scopes thinktypes

CREATED: [2018-04-02]

TODO [D] [2018-12-08] automatic ledger style parsing thinkparsing

wonder if this could be achieved via ML?
training set – plaintext, result is a tree, without any special meaning, just with tokens? or transformed tokens

TODO [D] could use pushift for reddit pingback? thinkreddit

TODO [D] some sort of automatic rosetta stone to write code in python and then translate? thinkpythoninteropelisp

CREATED: [2019-12-26]

[D] [2017-01-22] tweet Хочу интерактивный шелл, в который я буду кормить описание, а метку можно было бы ставить одной кнопочкой. thinkml

[E] Dynamic graph diameter think

TODO Maybe the bubbles are not a problem per se. What is problematic olis that its much harder to bubble physically think

CREATED: [2020-06-07]

[2020-10-07] wtf??? what bubbles?? think

TODO [2020-11-02] jestem króliczkiem on Twitter: "debug logs are annoying when you're not, well, debugging, on then one hand. On the other hand, quite useful since they give a sense of progress. Tried to get the best of both worlds in Promnesia by collapsing subsequent logs (only if they have DEBUG level). Ended up pretty nice!" / Twitter thinkpython

so I wonder if it should be an external tool. Kinda like "tail -f" + watch, but aware of certain keywords (e.g. DEBUG/INFO/ERROR in my case)

TODO SF where general purpose programming is 'forbidden'? thinkbook

CREATED: [2020-12-26]

you still can make a computer and try to program it, but you can't achieve anything without a community

TODO godbolt for dna thinkdna

CREATED: [2020-12-30]

DONE [C] WIP branch in workout provider on nicer parsing thinkexerciseqs

CREATED: [2018-10-01]

actually, it's a pretty interesting and more general problem – how to easily parse semi structured natural language? thinkexerciseqs

so things are a mix of regular grammar and just some extractors. think about it.

[2018-12-09] had few interesting thoughts there in comments thinkexerciseqs

STRT [C] simulate musical instruments with interesting boundary conditions … thinkideasmusicsimquitartoblog

CREATED: [2018-12-21]

TODO [C] Concurrency testing tool thinkconcurrencyprogramming

CREATED: [2020-01-07]

Could check it on examples from this dragon slaying game

TODO [C] Federated timeline for twitter – could implement by myself? thinkmastodon

CREATED: [2020-01-08]

STRT [C] Python pattern matching thinkpython

CREATED: [2018-12-25]

TODO python bindings in ideas/ thinkpython

CREATED: [2018-12-25]

[2019-10-27] eh, perhaps isinstance + would actually be better. perhaps .untie method as well (also can be mypy assisted) thinkpython

TODO [2021-01-22] wonder if 3.10 proposal renders it obsolete? thinkpython

TODO [D] implement bindings to import simple objects as python? convert datetimes on the fly, maybe? thinkpythonhaskellrustffi

CREATED: [2018-12-31]

TODO [C] better inspector for python objects, kinda like here thinkpythonideas

CREATED: [2019-01-01]

TODO [C] picker for 'entries' via CSS – wonder how much of chrome API I could reuse. could also look at page in Iframe and present list of things extracted think

CREATED: [2019-09-09]

[C] [2018-12-10] Error thing which still has a fallback date (and wraps original type), I feel it's pretty common thinkdatetime

TODO undocumented untyped systems are kind of ok if you have a responsive repl? thinkrepltypes

CREATED: [2021-01-27]

TODO [D] [2019-09-10] Using Portia to make spiders - YouTube thinkinspiration

Portia uses Scrapy project and enable users to make annotations in webpages. Then users can do crawlers for these webpages.

hmm, interesting, could use that for RSS extractor thingy? although common ancestor thing might be easier:
basically go up until you meet

STRT [C] [2021-02-05] x thinkmoneyubi

Hm. I guess money, to an extent, is a motivation for unpleasant work?
E.g. once we solve basic needs with UBI, someone will have to for example, assemble computers.. or program them (also kind of unpleasant work?)

Agree it would be way better off, but I'm not sure that 'profit motive' will go away. Money is not just luxury, it's also a distributed computation of the utility (somewhat flawed, sometimes very flawed, but still), and also a means of getting resources.

TODO [B] we will probably part ways? thinktotweetcomputing

CREATED: [2021-01-30]

people who want open, interoperable and malleable worlds while potentially trading some security
people who want (need?) to be locked in and nannied by the big corporations etc

TODO [B] rememberance agent idea: on highlighting something, show fuzzy search results somewhere in the sidebar/other buffer thinkpkm

CREATED: [2021-01-31]

TODO [C] Hmm. Wonder if there is a way to implement artificial chemistry/proteins and simulate diffusion? thinkbiology

CREATED: [2021-02-28]

TODO [B] matching people with some skill to work on open projects thinkopensource

CREATED: [2021-02-21]

TODO [B] open source sponsoring – (auto?) route money for other projects think

CREATED: [2021-02-28]

STRT [C] thinkideas

CREATED: [2020-01-14]

TODO [C] pharaoh/caesar units are very similar to cellular processes? in the sense that things are mostly autonomous etc thinkbiology

CREATED: [2021-03-08]

TODO [C] 'provably solar' energy? e.g. neutrino imprint or something thinkcrypto

CREATED: [2021-05-13]
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