I want to make it to the singularity. Then I can finally relax.

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[B] * death singularitydeath

[2019-08-02] Why Age? Should We End Aging Forever? - YouTube singularitydeathaging

shallow, but ok video

TODO [C] Do you fear death? Why/why not? singularitydeaththink

[2019-08-03] Why Die? - YouTube singularitydeath

good point that death is not a solution to our problems, and similar thought that I had that death is not a good way to appreciate life (as contrast)

TODO [C] [2019-10-16] Why don't more people care about not dying /r/transhumanism singularitydeath

Reasons off the top of my why the majority of people don't take more action against dying.
They think death is inevitable
They believe in an afterlife
Psychologically denial
Doesn't seem relevant (for young people death may seem very far off, something that happens to other people but not them until one of their close friends die)
They've never really sat for 5 minutes by the clock and thought about not existing

[2019-11-15] (1) jestem króliczkiem on Twitter: "Great argument against death I've never thought of: > "Well, death is what gives life meaning.” Bullshit, okay? If that was true, would they also advocate people who live to 90 should be killed off at 45? Will that double the meaning of life?" / Twitter singularitydeath

Great argument against death I've never thought of:
> "Well, death is what gives life meaning.” Bullshit, okay? If that was true, would they also advocate people who live to 90 should be killed off at 45? Will that double the meaning of life?

also 'yeah ok we lost something when we abandoned slavery too'

[B] [2021-03-18] Bostrom: The Fable of the Dragon-Tyrant singularitydeathimmortality

[C] * cryonics singularitycryo

STRT [C] [2019-06-13] Cryonics - Lesswrongwiki singularitycryo

The "shut up and multiply" aspect of spending $300/year (as Eliezer Yudkowsky quotes his costs for Cryonics Institute membership ($125/year) plus term life insurance ($180/year)) for a probability (how large being widely disputed) of obtaining many more years of lifespan. For this reason, cryonics advocates regard it as an extreme case of failure at rationality - a low-hanging fruit by which millions of deaths per year could be prevented at low cost.

[C] [2019-06-26] Wanting to get cryonically frozen, Living in UK, how should i go about it : cryonics singularitycryo

Alcor Foundation has two field cryoprotection kits located in England -- one with Cryonics UK and one in London. Last year, we successfully cryoprotected a young man in Bristol, despite lack of warning, and transported him to Alcor on dry ice for cool down to liquid nitrogen temperature. Contact for membership information, or read the membership section of the website.

TODO [C] [2019-08-28] RomanPlusPlus/scientific-progress-towards-cryonics: SPTCR: curated repository of scientific papers on cryonics singularitycryo

----------------------- singularity

TODO [B] [2020-09-01] Mind Emulation Foundation singularityimmortality

[B] [2019-10-26] talk: Цифровое бессмертие. Алексей Турчин. - YouTube singularitylongevityimmortality

ok, pretty good talk actually. Touches quite a few subjects, but a bit shallow. although you can't go much deeper because many things are just conjectured

STRT [C] [2019-05-05] Quora Answers 2015 - 2019 by David Pearce: towards a "triple S" civilisation of superintelligence, superlongevity and superhappiness singularity

TODO [2019-09-30] tweet it singularityoutboxtotweet

[C] [2020-03-24] H+Pedia singularitytranshumanism

DONE [D] wetware hacking singularitybiohackingnootropic

[D] [2019-01-07] The Technium singularity

Eh, dunno. He is kinda transhumanistically thinking, but very vague

[D] [2019-04-29] 94: Douglas Rushkof - Rethinking Transhumanism and Reuniting Humanity - YouTube singularity

eh, the guy didn't say anything particular, just something about transumanists defying human nature and wanting to get rid of emotions etc

[C] [2019-12-15] How to Slow Aging (and even reverse it) - YouTube singularity

DONE [C] [2019-12-02] Some Details of My Personal Infrastructure | Hacker News singularitywolfram

[2019-12-04] jurassicfoxy 9 months ago [-] singularitywolfram

I agree. This was one of the most motivating articles I've read in a while. This is a man who unabashedly goes 100 % all in to whatever he wants, fully admits it's nutty, and looks like he's having the time of his life.

[2019-12-04] wolfram is also thinking about digital immortality! singularitywolframimmortalitylifelogging

Perhaps all that data I’ve collected on myself will one day let one basically just built a “bot of me”.
In the end all we want is freedom. I suspect that productivity optimization is our unconscious search of a (social) way of getting free.

[C] [2018-09-04] What it's like trying to discuss the singularity with friends /r/singularity singularity


TODO [C] [2020-01-19] Nintil - The Longevity FAQ singularity

[C] [2020-08-30] So the tl;dr from what I've found so far is that: * What you eat * When you ea… | Hacker News singularityhealthlongevity

From my layman understanding, if you're ~20 years old you can basically just not fuck up super hard and wait another decade and we'll know a lot more. If you're 30, definitely start taking health seriously but maybe don't worry so much about downing 50 supplements that only have a bit of backing research. If you're 40 and above, and your goal is life extension... you might have to take a gamble.
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