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Cases grammar

General grammar

  • a system of marking dependent nouns for the type of relationship they bear to their heads
  • A role that one of these languages marks by case will often be marked in English using a preposition.
  • Languages having cases often exhibit free word order, because thematic roles are not required to be marked by position in the sentence
  • case is a morphological category

Nominative grammar

subject pronoun

Accusative grammar

object pronoun, 'to'

Genitive grammar

possessive and 'of'

Instrumental (ablative, творительный) grammar

'by', 'via', 'with'

hierarchy grammar

Cases can be ranked in the following hierarchy, where a language that does not have a given case will tend not to have any cases to the right of the missing case:[4]:p.89

nominative → accusative or ergative → genitive → dative → locative or prepositional → ablative and/or instrumental → others.

This is, however, only a general tendency.

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