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Copenhagen/Malmo traveldenmarkcopenhagen

CREATED: [2019-07-14]
  • Buy Rejsekort, makes it easy to travel around Denmark and you can go to Malmo with it. Mind that it needs some minimal balance (70 DKK as of writing), and bus stops often lack the top-up machine.
  • If you go to Malmo, make sure to take your passport if you're not an EU citizen, there is border control on Swedish side
  • Christiania is a bit overrated, just bunch of people who smoke weed
  • Louisiana Museum of Modern Art: a bit too small considering how far it is from the city center. However, first museum to have couple of nude art pieces I actually liked.
  • Bodyworlds exhibition at Experimentarium: cool models and presentations of different layers of human bodies, tissue, organs etc
  • Disgusting Food Museum in Malmo: pure awesomeness. Glimpse into different food cultures, lots of things to smell and touch, and even tasting bar! Also funny how my taste perception changed over the past few years: I didn't find cheese smells disgusting at all.

Portugal travelportugal

Lisbon travelportugallisbon

transport travelportugallisbon

  • Airport
    We were leaving Monday 7pm and the line for border control was ridiculous, only one out of ten booths was operational, even though the whole queue had to depart in 20 minutes. So you might really want to arrive in advance.
  • Uber from airport: very cheap to city center, 8 euros.
  • LisboaCard: apparently not very good value for money unless you're planning visiting museums a lot [wikitravel].
  • Lisboa Viva Card get it at metro/train stations. Use it for buses, ferry, metro, suburban trains, etc.
  • I've read advice to avoid the metro late at night somewhere on reddit, but can't confirm

food/drinks travelportugallisbon

  • Drinking/smoking in public — OK as long as you behave. travelportugallisbon
  • Get a wine and snacks from a supermarket. Chill on the river bank, beware the waves, they might suddenly splash you! travelportugallisbon
  • TODO Francesinha travelportugallisbon
    CREATED: [2018-04-16]

    some authentic sandwich?

  • Fish/squid/octopus. Many small restaurants serve it + veggie plates travelportugallisbon
  • TODO Caldeirada seafood stew travelportugallisbon
    CREATED: [2018-04-13]

    haven't had chance to try… but heard it was good

  • DONE TimeOut market for food. Lines are pretty long at lunchtime. Not very cheap and not very authentic, but ok overall. travelportugallisbon
  • DONE [A] Trobadores medieval tavern travelportugallisbon

    Very cool place! Looks very medieval, nice Celtic musing on the background.
    Order chorizo/blood chorizo, you can grill it yourself right on your table!
    Nice Celtic musing in the background.
    Drink mead, ginjinha, Porto ruby.

  • DONE Pastel de nata. Nice egg pastry. travelportugallisbon
  • DONE Gelaterias. Some delicious ice cream: vanilla & basil, salted caramel, pistachio. travelportugallisbon
  • TODO Chimera Brewpub. travelportugallisbon

    Craft Portuguese Beers

  • Nice filter coffee in Copenhagen Coffee Lab (beware no wifi) and Fabrica Coffee Roasters travelportugallisbon

places & activities travelportugallisbon

  • DONE Berardo Collection Museum – good modern art travelportugallisbon
  • DONE Alfama is higher up and more medieval looking because a tsunami destroyed the lower elevation parts of the city. [wikitravel] travelportugallisbon
  • DONE Sintra travelportugallisbon

    You can get there by cheap (1.5 Eur) suburban train.

    Sintra is famous for two local foodstuffs, queijadas and travesseiros. Queijadas are small sweet cakes, that are made using fresh cheese instead of butter. They are actually quite easy to make at home, but when you're there you might as well try some. Travesseiros are rectangular pastries made from fluff pastry and almond paste, and worth a try as well. [wikitravel]

    • Cabo de Rocha - very nice lighthouse, cliffs, and decent hike to the beach. travelportugallisbon

      Take a bus from Sintra, but beware the way is serpentinish, in case you are prone to motion sickness. It costs something like 4 EUR, paid by cash to the driver. Also mind the schedule.

  • de abril bridge travelportugallisbon

    Very cool, looks kinda like Golden Gate. Unfortunately not pedestrian.

  • take a ferry to the other side, walk to Christ the King statue. Nice city view travelportugallisbon
  • DONE train to cascais (coastal resort) travelportugallisbon
  • For Lisbon views, we preferred the Rua Augusta arch over the more popular Santa Justa elevator. The arch is also covered by the Lisboa card (€2.50 otherwise) and is IMO the cheaper and better alternative for some superb views of the city. [wikitravel] travelportugallisbon
  • TODO electricity museum travelportugallisbon
  • Art in metro on some stations travelportugallisbon

    Mostly red line. It goes to the airport, so it's hard to miss. Oriente is particularly cool

  • TODO Jardim Botanico travelportugallisbon

    allegedly good, but was closed at the time :(

TODO [B] Faro, Portugal? when it's colder, maybe in autumn/winter travelportugal

TODO [B] Porto travelportugalporto

CREATED: [2019-03-28]

[2019-04-05] Geres National Park travelportugalporto

Go on a day trip to the Gerês National Park. The wildlife and nature in this park are really worth a visit, and the scenery is magnificent.

[2019-04-05] Vunho Verde travelportugalporto

Taste the "Vinho Verde", freely translated as "Green Wine" - this is mostly a low alcoholic grade, young and fresh kind of wine, that you won't find anywhere else.

Istanbul travelturkeyistanbul

  • [2016-08-22] "Если хотите ощутить турецкий колорит, а не туристический булшит, приезжайте в Кадыкёй, поешьте кебаб за столиком на улице, курите кальян."

Helsinki travelfinlandhelsinki

CREATED: [2016-12-31]
  • subway
  • 2/3 tram
  • Senate Square
  • Helsinki City Museum
  • Helsinki Nykytaiteen museo Kiasma
  • Vintage tram ride, Havis Amanda fountain at Market square

    Enjoy a ride on a century-old tram! If the weather is warm, sit in the open trailer car. The driver takes you on a 20-minute loop tour around the city centre area (there is no commentary but photo opportunities are plenty due to there being no windows in the open tram from 1909!). The service operates annually from mid-May to the end of August, Saturdays and Sundays only, with departures from the Market Square half-hourly between 10 and 5. €5.  edit
  • Aleksanterinkatu
  • Kallio bars

Netherlands travelnetherlands

moving around travelnetherlands

trains are pretty great, and if you're going often, makes sense to buy a permanent travelcard

activities travelnetherlands

take bikes travelnetherlands

Mind the sun. You're probably better off biking in the morning, waiting till the evening and going back when it's cooler.

swim travelnetherlands

North sea is actually not that cold, you can totally tolerate few dips.
Coast could be very shallow though (e.g Zandvoort), so mind the waves.

misc travelnetherlands

  • take cash or Maestro card
    Many places don't take visa/mastercard. Most supermarket on train stations do though.

Amsterdam travelnetherlandsamsterdam

[2018-05-27] Van der Linde travelnetherlandsamsterdam

Nieuwendijk 183, 1012 MG Amsterdam, Netherlands

best vanilla ice cream ever

Van Goth museum travelnetherlandsamsterdam

very decent, you're better off buying tickets online couple of days in advance

microbes museum travelnetherlandsamsterdam

[2018-05-27] Tijger & de Vis travelnetherlandsamsterdam

Lindengracht 158, 1015 KK Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • nice seafood plate
  • check out the restroom

TODO [C] Maastricht? travelnetherlands

CREATED: [2020-02-10]

Could be ok by Eurostar and local train?

Hague travelnetherlands

Escher museum travelnetherlands

amazing, highly recommended. check out the souvenir shop, awesome postcards.

Rotterdam travelnetherlands

Germany travelgermany

Berlin travelgermany

TODO [A] techno bars travelgermanymusic

CREATED: [2018-02-07]
техно-бары, если кому интересно: Minimal bar, Süß war gestern. оба во фридрихсхайне, в обоих диджеи каждый день, и иногда очень приличные, нет фейсконтроля в отличие от клубов, а потанцевать можно не хуже (в süß вход платный после 11). еще хвалят burg schnabel и crack bellmer

[B] [2018-03-11] line U2 overground/underground travelgermany

[C] [2018-03-12] Berlinische galerie – ok but not super interesting travelgermany

[C] [2018-02-06] travelgermanyberlin

Вообще есть автобус номер 100, он проезжает по всем основным точкам центрального Берлина и считается туристическим, только стоит нормальные 2,80 вместо 10), ходит к слову тоже каждые десять минут.

[D] [2018-03-13] Museum of technology – meh, not really worth it travelgermany

Italy travelitaly

food travelitaly

[B] [2018-06-06] burrata cheese travelitaly

Very very good! Especially with some berries.

[C] [2018-06-07] Grom good gelato travelitaly

[D] [2018-06-06] coda alla vaccinara travelitaly

well - sort of ok

Santa Marinella beach travelitaly

Secondly, Santa Marinella’s beach is convenient. Really convenient. You don’t need a car to get there, or to take a train and then a bus, like you do to get to the (admittedly prettier) beach of Sperlonga. Instead, you just hop on the train in Rome from Termini, Ostiense, Trastevere, or San Pietro; 45 minutes and €3.60 land you in Santa Marinella. From there, you can follow the crowds on the 5-minute walk to the beach.
  • eh, wasn't that good in the end

Barcelona travelbarcelona

food travelbarcelona

Mercado de la boqueria – awesome street food travelbarcelona

Brussels travelbelgiumbrussels

TODO Brussels music museum travelbelgiumbrussels

CREATED: [2019-04-01]

TODO [C] Montenegro mounains? travelhiking

CREATED: [2018-10-17]

TODO [C] Dubrovnik, Croatia travel

TODO UK travel

DONE [B] [2017-10-02] Edinburgh travel

places travel

  • Rose street travel
  • Arthur's seat (you might need comfy shoes and clothes) travel

food travel

  • mussel inn: good and quite cheap sea food. Mussels + fish soup is amazing! travel

    very crowded, you might have to reserve or wait

  • mary milk bar travel
    • chocolate was too sweet

STRT [B] Lake District travel

  • [2020-08-30] A guide to climbing Helvellyn in winter - Another Place

    Make sure you have the right equipment for a winter ascent including waterproofs, warm layers, hat & gloves, winter boots, ice axe & crampons, map & compass, head torch, food & drink and an emergency shelter. Goggles can be very useful on windy days. Pick a good day, but be prepared to turn back if you’re not happy with anything. If you’re new to the winter environment or would like a refresher then consider booking onto one of our one day Winter Skills courses.
    • [2020-08-30] A guide to climbing Helvellyn in winter - Another Place

      To call Mountain Rescue dial 999 and ask for the Police and then Mountain Rescue. You can also register your phone to enable 999 text calls, ideal when the mobile signal isn’t very good.
    • [2020-08-30] A guide to climbing Helvellyn in winter - Another Place

      Winter skills courses

      TODO hmm this could be good

    • [2020-08-30] Helvellyn Safety — Live for the Outdoors

      Check the current conditions. Helvellyn is unique in that it has a daily update throughout winter provided by the Lake District Weatherline ( This gives an excellent indication as to what weather conditions are like at the top of the mountain over the past 24 hours, and is invaluable when planning an ascent. Also check the forecasts via the Mountain Weather Information Service ( and the Met Office mountain weather forecast.
    • [2020-08-30] Helvellyn Safety — Live for the Outdoors

      Pack a headtorch, and a spare, plus extra layers for when it gets dark.

TODO [B] Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park travel

pretty close to Glasgo!

TODO [C] Wales travel

CREATED: [2020-07-23]

TODO [C] [2019-03-27] A view from the Roman walls of Chester /r/CasualUK travel

I think Chester is one of the prettiest cities in the country. Thanks for the reminder.

STRT [C] Peak District travel

TODO bike rental travel

CREATED: [2019-05-09]

TODO [C] Georgia travelgeorgia

TODO [D] [2019-08-27] Ushguli, Georgia felt like a village frozen in time 900 years ago. /r/travel travelgeorgia

TODO [D] [2018-04-18] travelgeorgia

Пробежимся немного по ночной жизни Тбилиси: здесь с этим все более чем хорошо, потому что грузины любят и умеют веселиться. Для любителей техно тут есть клуб Bassiani, который входит в топ 10 техно-клубов мира. Еще есть khidi (мост) и Mtkvarze. Пожалуй, это самые популярные клубы

TODO [C] Mallorka? travel

TODO [D] Tenerife travel

CREATED: [2020-08-10]

TODO [C] Airbnb experiences? travel

CREATED: [2019-03-30]

[2020-07-23] Enjoy the nicest routes | RouteYou travelmaps

[2019-04-29] Opinions on hiking shoes? /r/CampingGear travelhiking

Solomon X Ultra are very comfortable, lightweight, and still supportive

[2020-10-05] yep, can confirm travelhiking

[2020-12-31] Atlas Obscura - Curious and Wondrous Travel Destinations travel

[C] [2020-10-07] travel is the unofficial home of bus, coach and ferry transport information.

[D] [2018-07-28] Tijger & de Vis travelamsterdam

nice seafood!

Tijger & de Vis
Lindengracht 158, 1015 KK Amsterdam, Netherlands
+31 20 331 1371

[D] [2018-07-17] travel

Our D.C. office building got a security robot. It drowned itself.
We were promised flying cars, instead we got suicidal robots.

TODO [C] [2018-12-18] Which Canary Island? /r/backpacking travel

For Hiking La Palma, Gomera, Tenerife. In this order. There are wonderful hiking trails mostly also Long trails for a week. For landscape Gran canaria. For beach furteventura (but that is nearly all with this island, the rest is boring). For party Tenerife. Lanzarote is just boring volcano without any green. Never been to El Hiero. You can also hop from island to island with ferry (around 30 euro per trip). Every island is totally different from the others.

TODO [B] [2017-02-02] Best base for hiking on La Gomera? /r/canarias travel

a week in La Gomera???? you are gonna know La Gomera better than the local people. La Gomera is small, very small.
Complement your trip with a week or two at another small island, either La Palma o El Hierro.
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