Why use static blog?

Some extra info here (probably need to merge the two)

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[A] * why use static blog? blog

[A] [2019-09-15] static blog: benefits of having it compiled with git directory – it's trivial to track changes blog

just need to make sure there are no random ids/hashes etc

[B] [2019-09-04] Normal are too linear, can't trick them into doing what I want blog

[C] [2019-09-02] everything you don't like you can hack in code blogself

code can do literally anything you wish, this is very empowering

[B] * what makes it hard? blog

TODO why it's hard: proper search (e.g. stemming) blog

CREATED: [2019-12-04]

TODO [C] why it's hard: limiting feed size blog

CREATED: [2020-01-05]

TODO make something generic for Hakyll? blog

TODO [C] why it is hard: making them useful for non-programmers blog

CREATED: [2019-09-29]

[2019-12-26] link to sad-infra blog

TODO [C] ugh, nondeterministic order of outputs? blogsympy

CREATED: [2020-01-13]
  • didn't help: import random; random.seed(0)

--------------------- blog

TODO [C] don't be afraid to use conventional command line tools blogipynb

CREATED: [2019-09-15]

example with stripping private todos

why it may seem unreliable or hacky, it's very effortless to try it out and in conjunction with
version control for your outputs, you're unlikely to mess anything up massively

TODO [C] as a tip: have a test page blog

CREATED: [2019-09-13]

TODO [B] post about screenshot comparison blog

CREATED: [2019-09-02]

[2019-09-21] could post that separately? blog

[2019-09-21] change CSS on tags and demonstrate it? blog

STRT [C] checker that anything that was ever on my blog is still available (post about it too!) blog

CREATED: [2018-11-19]

[2019-09-02] link checker kinda does that? blog

TODO [C] firefox responsive view thing blog

CREATED: [2019-07-21]

STRT [C] meta: technical choices blog

CREATED: [2019-02-09]

minimalistic design

disqus: I'd love to use something else…

sorry for that: I'm still allowing guest comments though
Note: Registered users must now verify their email address prior to posting a comment. Pre-moderation is always enabled for guest comments.

TODO [C] Editing blog blogcloudmacs

CREATED: [2019-09-12]

if possible, use file: links in .org files instead of HTML links blogorg

CREATED: [2019-12-21]

E.g. instead of


, you can use:


Benefit of the latter is that link also works in org-mode source (unlike the former). During the export it's automatically resolved to HTML.

TODO about storing data in git repository, report via diff blog

CREATED: [2019-01-07]

TODO [C] Post about symlink watcher thing? blog

CREATED: [2019-12-18]

TODO [B] feature of org-compile: output files. wonder how would you achieve that in pandoc blog

CREATED: [2019-11-14]

TODO [D] [2020-01-13] why it's hard: nondeterminism blogipynb

link to issue with seaborn

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