About the site

(this section is still under construction)

Motivation for doing this

In no particular order,

  • I'm interested in many different things which I don't have time to explore on my own (ideas, notes), but I'd be happy to discuss them with people who are looking up similar things on the Internet.
  • I'm working on different , which I also would like to share with other people because it's satisfying, can inspire other people to do similar things, and open source community can help with maintaining them.
  • I've got a fairly big knowledge repository of semi-curated data, which I'd like to share both for other people's and my benefit.
  • Sometimes there is an urge to share things that don't fit in few tweets and I want to make them somewhat more persistent.
  • I often struggle to describe my interests to new people I meet, and it's hard to guess what other people might be interested to know about you. This site could potentially serve as a rough idea of "what's on my mind" for other people to explore.

    And vice versa, I feel that if people had better digital projections of their minds it'd be way easier to get to know them, find shared interests and have meaningful conversations.

  • Writing is a whole different mode of thinking, and practicing it gives access to the thoughts you'd never have thought otherwise.


I'm a bit fan of leaving TODOs wherever I can; I can't stand forgetting useful thoughts, so you might see them around a lot in my texts.


Motivation for choice of software: somewhere along the lines of Gwern.

TODO why static blog?

TODO comments


Some of the blogs that inspired this in terms of content, structure, design decisions, so I'd like to give them credit:

TODO how to make it easier?

TODO VCS integration

e.g. ipython notebooks, mapping vcs changes into less fine grained 'versions'?

TODO comments

e.g. disqus is a bit shit, selfhosting is tedious and requires technical skill

TODO dead links

requires technical skills, needs to be more automatic (perhaps service provided by archive.org?)

TODO hosting

technical skill, tedious as well

TODO spell checking and other forms of linting

perhaps can be aided by the text editor?

TODO diffing

no easy way to compare htmls (apart from git, but that doesn't really help with design changes)

TODO various difficulties

perhaps via