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Check out my blog as a graph Work in progress: Drafts
Map of my personal data infrastructure
A journey in fixing browser history
Extending my personal infrastructure with a data source
Featuring Roam Research
Your configs suck? Try a real programming language.
Or yet another rant about YAML
Human Programming Interface
My life in a Python package
Building data liberation infrastructure
How to export, access and own your personal data with minimal effort
Against unnecessary databases
Parse, don't normalize
In search of a better job scheduler
What if cron and systemd had a baby? Wouldn't it be beautiful?
What data on myself I collect and why?
How I am using 50+ sources of my personal data
The sad state of personal data and infrastructure
Why can't we have nice digital things?
Analyzing accuracy of power reported by stationary bike
How I found my exercise machine to violate laws of physics
How I was unhappy about Deliveroo search and implemented my own
Building personal search infrastructure for your knowledge and code
Overview of search tools for desktop and mobile; using Emacs and Ripgrep as desktop search engine
Python: better typed than you think
mypy assisted error handling, exception mechanisms in other languages, fun with pattern matching and type variance
Using Orger to populate your tasks list
Reading Reddit, building spaced repetition queue and quick todos from Telegram messages
Orger: plaintext reflection of your digital self
Mirror your personal data as org-mode for instant access and search
Cloudmacs: Emacs in your web browser
How I really wanted Spacemacs everywhere and my wish came true thanks to Docker
Making sense of Endomondo's calorie estimation
How to annotate literally everything
Comprehensive overview of existing tools, strategies and thoughts on interacting with your data
How to cope with having a fleshy human brain
My personal knowledge setup
Don't shoot the artist
How I visited a contemporary art museum and didn't get it
Tool to merge directories via symlinks
On cognitive demand of recycling
So many questions, so few answers
Forcing IPython to display multiple equations in single line
How I sacrificed few hours of my life for aethetics
I've found Google Takeouts to silently remove old data
Crosspost from /r/DataHoarder
Exploiting javascript to reverse engineer cognitive score
Sleep tracking
How not to do it
How to capture information from your browser and stay sane