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This is an experiment, an alternative way to represent blog posts, as a graph. Click this if you want to get back to the plain list.

The idea is that if you encounter a blog, it's often unclear how to start reading it: typically it's an overwhelming linear list of posts, ordered by date. (thanks Jonathan for bringing my attention to it!)

Representing as a graph allows to relax this linear structure by introducing a partial order (shown by edges). You can start reading from a title that seems most interesting to you, and keep exploring the related posts.

  • clicking on a post title brings you to the post
  • clicking on a tag will bring you to the description of the tag
  • hovering over a node or clicking on a date will highlight all connections to the corresponding post, to make the navigation easier
  • clusters correspond to 'themes' (although it's pretty fuzzy)

If you have any ideas on improving this page, or notice any problems, please let me know! You can find the source here.

G cluster_main Data liberation cluster_aux Tools/Libraries cluster_pkm PKM cluster_qs Quantified self orger    Orger      Mirror your personal data as org-mode for instant access and search   #pkm 🔍 26 September 2019 orger_todos    Using Orger for processing infromation      Reading Reddit, building spaced repetition queue and quick todos from Telegram messages   🔍 05 October 2019 orger->orger_todos myinfra_roam    Extending my personal infrastructure      Featuring Roam Research   #infra 🔍 20 April 2020 orger->myinfra_roam pkm_setup    How to cope with a fleshy human brain      My personal knowledge setup   #pkm 🔍 13 May 2019 orger->pkm_setup my_data    What data on myself I collect and why?      How I am using 50+ sources of my personal data   #dataliberation #pkm #quantifiedself 🔍 12 January 2020 mypkg    HPI (Human Programming Interface)      My life in a Python package   #infra #pkm #quantifiedself 🔍 15 March 2020 my_data->mypkg orger_todos->pkm_setup takeout_data_gone    Google Takeouts silently removes old data      Crosspost from /r/DataHoarder   🔍 08 March 2019 takeout_data_gone->my_data promnesia    Promnesia      A journey in fixing browser history   #pkm 🔍 30 May 2020 promnesia->myinfra_roam promnesia->pkm_setup mypkg->myinfra_roam mypkg->promnesia endomondo_kcal_heartbeats    Making sense of Endomondo's calorie estimation        #quantifiedself #exercise 🔍 03 August 2019 mypkg->endomondo_kcal_heartbeats exercise_bike_model    Analyzing accuracy of power reported by stationary bike      How I found my exercise machine to violate laws of physics   #exercise #quantifiedself 🔍 08 December 2019 mypkg->exercise_bike_model sad_infra    The sad state of personal data and infrastructure      Why can't we have nice digital things?   #infra #pkm #quantifiedself 🔍 15 December 2019 sad_infra->my_data sad_infra->promnesia sad_infra->mypkg sad_infra->pkm_setup exports    Building data liberation infrastructure      How to export, access and own your personal data with minimal effort   #infra #dataliberation 🔍 13 February 2020 exports->mypkg scheduler    In search of a better job scheduler      What if cron and systemd had a baby? Wouldn't it be beautiful?   #infra 🔍 18 January 2020 scheduler->orger scheduler->my_data scheduler->exports python_configs    Your configs suck? Try a real programming language      Or yet another rant about YAML   #plt #python 🔍 05 April 2020 scheduler->python_configs python_configs->promnesia python_configs->mypkg against_db    Against unnecessary databases      Parse, don't normalize   #infra #dataliberation 🔍 26 January 2020 against_db->my_data against_db->mypkg against_db->scheduler mypy_error_handling    Using mypy for error handling      mypy assisted error handling, exception mechanisms in other languages, fun with pattern matching and type variance   #mypy #python #plt 🔍 26 October 2019 mypy_error_handling->promnesia mypy_error_handling->mypkg mypy_error_handling->against_db pkm_annotating    How to annotate everything      Comprehensive overview of existing tools, strategies and thoughts on interacting with your data   #pkm #annotation #tools 🔍 05 July 2019 pkm_todos    My GTD setup      How I am managing my life and keeping track of the things I want to do   🚧wip🚧 #pkm 🔍 27 May 2019 pkm_annotating->pkm_todos pkm_annotating->pkm_setup pkm_search    Building personal search infrastructure      Overview of search tools for desktop and mobile; using Emacs and Ripgrep as desktop search engine   #pkm #emacs 🔍 01 November 2019 pkm_search->pkm_setup pkm_todos->pkm_search pkm_todos->pkm_setup cloudmacs    Cloudmacs      How I really wanted Spacemacs everywhere and my wish came true thanks to Docker   #emacs #pkm 🔍 12 September 2019 cloudmacs->pkm_annotating cloudmacs->pkm_setup org_grasp    Grasp      How to capture information from your browser and stay sane   #pkm #annotation 🔍 09 February 2019 org_grasp->cloudmacs org_grasp->pkm_setup endomondo_kcal_heartbeats->exercise_bike_model


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