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My personal knowledge setup

So, what is personal knowledge management? TLDR, it's a name for the process of organizing your tasks, thoughts, information you know, so a fairly useful concept.

I guess almost everyone at least at some point of their life tried to bring more organization: used a calendar, checklists, notebook etc. Perhaps you also were learning something and were wondering of more efficient ways of memorizing, organizing and acting on that information.

This is what I'm loosely going to refer as PKM further on.

Some of the reasons what I'm going to write about might be useful to you:

  • you generally want to be more organized in your life but not sure how
  • you are reading lots of stuff, but then you feel like you quickly forget it (especially on the Internet, where information is denser than in books)
  • you think that flesh is weak and want to offload remembering things to external persistent medium

I'm writing that because my 'system' has more or less settled and stabilized, and I feel that I could be useful by helping out other people and sharing the ideas.

At this point, it also starts getting hard to keep up with all the things and hacks I implemented and maintaining let alone improving them, so I need to spread my ideas to the community.

A bit of disclaimer: some of the things I am doing may seem excessive and tedious – but you don't have to use exactly the same setup, I'm merely sharing for you something to kick off! My own setup has been molded throughout the years with many influences from different people (who I will try to credit as long as I recall). Often some things I'm trying seem like too much effort even for me, but if you never overshoot, you might never hit that sweet spot between efficiency and convenience.

I'm very happy to discuss if you have any questions/suggestions/etc.

So, this is the plan, which I will fill with links as I write.

1 STRT task/todo management

2 TODO personal wiki

3 STRT searching

  • basic summary here

4 TODO logging and capturing

5 STRT processing and organizing information

7 TODO discovering new information

8 STRT spaced repetition and habits

9 TODO syncing

10 STRT regular backups

11 TODO timeline

12 TODO future

13 STRT developing tools