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I'm trying to fight my perfectionism so figured a special page for posts in progress is a good compromise!
If someone linked to one of the drafts and you can't find it now, it will most likely be on the main page! Otherwise let me know.
🚧 Processing information
🚧 Offline life
How to make sure your infrastructure and apps is offline ready
🚧 How I write and package Python
Opinionated guide
🚧 Ensuring continuity of backups and personal data exports
🚧 Write your own standard library
🚧 Axol: Google Alerts that actually work
personal automatic news feed
🚧 On todo lists
How I am managing my life and keeping track of the things I want to do
🚧 They see me flowin' they hatin'
Some questionable experiments with Lagrangians
🚧 Solving wave equation with SymPy
🚧 Least action principle is a lie
Aka 'does stationary action really matter?'