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THIS IS A DRAFT! It will appear on the main page once finished!

Write your own standard library

Kython is a set of various Python utilities I've found myself to use often.

I used to have it as a symlink from ~/.local/lib/python3.x.

Note: now it's an editable installation, but that doesn't really have much benefit apart from allowing to depend on it (TODO link to git dependency?)

1 TODOit's nice to use some nonstandard but convenient library, and later vendorize/hardcode/get rid of imported bitskythonmotivation

2 TODOgoogling for an existing solution is a cognitive overhead, considering that often it's hard to googlekythonmotivation

so having temporary ones TODO for instance, lconcat, strptime?

3 TODO[2019-12-06 09:49] motivation for kythonblog

every time you need to do something repetitive, there is a chance it's useful for other people too and there is a shorter version

however, chances are you tried searching for some oneliner multiple times and never managed

having a common library offers a compromise on one hand it frees up your brain from anxiety about copy pasting bits of code and cognitive effort of digging them from TODO?? on the other hand, when you run across/come up with a solution that's easy enough to memorize and trivial, you can quickly find all uses TOOD

why have them dead in your personal wiki when they can be alive as a python code

when you release your code to the public, you can vendorize the bits you used

4 amendrefile

4.1 [2020-04-12 22:29] cachedproperty

4.2 TODOFor the, use set comprehension?kython

4.3 TODOuse Counter to verify unique keys?kython

4.4 TODOgroupby(sorted) vs dict-by: dict doesn't require comparable key..kythonkerrorblog

4.5 [2020-01-04 11:04] ok, os.PathLike also doesn't accept string, so PathIsh makes sensepythonkython

4.6 TODOpathlab/README.rst at master · barneygale/pathlab path interface for archiveskython

4.7 TODOactually json state is so convenient and reusable since we need to remember certain things we did pretty often…mindkython

4.8 STARTmake parts of kython as decoupled as possible so I can bundle it alongside my stuff independently (and update too!)codingblogkython

4.9 TODOtitle: write your own standard librarykythonblog

this is how I came up with

  • error handling
  • configs?
  • discovered pathlib
  • ????

4.10 TODOmore-itertoolskython

4.11 TODOfirst, numbers() functions – more-itertoolsblogkython

5 STRTremove org stuff from kython? just rely on inorganic or make a symlink?orgkythoninorganic