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THIS IS A DRAFT! It will appear on the main page once finished!

How I write and package Python

Opinionated guide

1 TODOHow i write in Pythonblogpython

I'm describing what's my process Maybe you're opinionated about different things.. Make your own judgments

2 TODO[2020-05-28 13:50] Hypermodern Python | Hacker Newspythonblog

  • comment:

    boring and slightly opinitionated python guide

2.1 [2020-05-28 13:51] several 'layers'

  • git + gitignore
  • single executable script start using type annotations, IDE (LSP/flycheck/intellij) already helps
  • add tests keep tests in the same file, run manually now and then

    (run tests during import?) not a great idea in general, but okay to start with

    TODO doctests

    TODO framework: unittest is annoying. even though it's built in, it introduces friction assert len(x) == 10 vs assert self.assertEquals TODO

  • dependencies: rely on symlinks
  • typing: keep reasonable default config, so you can simply run mypy
  • no pylint most of my projects I work on my own, so I don't care about debatable code qualities metrics. TODO opinitionated etc
  • no autoformatting similar, and I feel that often they only make things worse by removning meaningful space and tabulations
  • documentation: warning: opinitonated keep as much as you can in the docstrings and help examples: doctests

2.2 [2020-05-28 14:31] seen this article. It makes sense for me as someone who's had a fair deal of Python experience

But if it was the first article I seen? It would absolutely terrify me.

  • You need very little to be productive in Python
  • You don't have to be fancy TODO.
  • Not every package needs to be running under a virtual environment, linted and continuously integrated. It gets in the way of flexibility TODO and can be frustrating. TODO e.g. submodules

3 TODOexample of setup. py with literate dependenciespythonlp

4 code stylepythonblog

I guess it depends. If you're aiming for your project to have dozens of contributors – yeah, maybe better to invest early so you can avoid reformatting your whole codebase later But if you're not sure TODO

5 instead, rely on your text editor?guidepython

6 TODOwrite guide – python from easy to inf??python

7 TODOpost pymplateblog

7.1 I want to wrap up with my projects and make sure fixing bugs and releasing new versions is as smooth as possibleblogpymplate