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[A] [2020-01-30] Today I Learned That Not Everyone Has an Internal Monologue mind

TODO [C] walking flow https://vk.com/topic-23865151_38545249?post=684 mind

CREATED: [2018-08-02]

TODO [C] use spaced repetition for appretiation entries? and good things too? mindspacedrep

CREATED: [2018-10-11]

[D] [2018-08-15] Flow Genome Project « The Official Source For Flow Science And Training mind

[2018-10-22] eh. googled that and nothing specific, overall sound like bullshit, they are just selling subscriptions. mind

TODO [2018-10-22] ? add to mindaxol

TODO [D] [2019-02-15] What Universal Human Experiences Are You Missing Without Realizing It? | Slate Star Codex mindmusic


Some people can differentiate between orders of magnitude more colors than other people. You can test yourself here: http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/how-well-do-you-see-color-173018
I once had a long argument with a group of friends about why vision was more interesting than sound. Turns out all the ones who sided with vision could differentiate between far more colors.
You can also test if you’re tonedeaf: http://jakemandell.com/tonedeaf/

[D] [2019-12-05] Optimizing Mindfulness – Tasshin mind

[C] [2019-11-25] bohendo.eth on Twitter: "@literalbanana @AellaGirl If my theory of consiousness is correct, then it's impossible to process info normally but be unconscious. It's like saying "a computer that runs all the same apps but w/out any info in RAM" https://t.co/OXp8C3Y88B" / Twitter mindconsciousness


If my theory of consiousness is correct, then it's impossible to process info normally but be unconscious.

TODO [D] [2019-06-13] Mo on Twitter: "Also https://t.co/il3yBMVMZi… " mind


I wish everybody on Twitter could each go ultra-viral because it's actually a very eye-opening and humbling experience. I feel like it would be worth listing out some thoughts from the various occasions where my timeline blew up, even if it gets interpreted negatively

TODO [C] Practice lucid dreams mindlucid

CREATED: [2018-06-29]

TODO [C] [2019-02-15] What Universal Human Experiences Are You Missing Without Realizing It? | Slate Star Codex mind

[B] [2020-07-28] A new way to control experimentation with dreams | Hacker News mindlucid

Same here. More than once a week when I was a kid, once a week as a teen, now it's about once every few months in my late 30s. I have correlated it to body temperature though - the more blankets I use and the hotter I am over night, the more dreams remembered, lucid dreams, and nightmares I get. Although they're fun, I value my sleep more, and so these days sleep with the thinnest donna with the windows open (even in winter).

TODO [D] That said, meditation can be an intense experience with a history of adverse effects (Love, 2018; Kornfield, 1979; Lindahl, 2017). Most meditators, especially 10-minutes-a-day mind

TODO [D] My problem with mediation, how efficient is the gain of concentration? mindselftoblog

CREATED: [2019-10-26]

DONE [2018-11-06] Vipassana for Hackers [pdf] | Hacker News mindmeditation

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[D] [2019-09-03] Hard problem of consciousness - Wikipedia minddrill


The hard problem of consciousness is the problem of explaining how and why sentient organisms have qualia or phenomenal experiences—how and why it is that some internal states are felt states, such as heat or pain, rather than unfelt states, as in a thermostat or a toaster.[1] The philosopher David Chalmers, who introduced the term "hard problem" of consciousness,[2] contrasts this with the "easy problems" of explaining the ability to discriminate, integrate information, report mental states, focus attention, and so forth.

[2020-09-30] Tweet from @naval mind


@naval: Highs that don’t lead to subsequent lows:

• Meditation, gratitude, prayer, journaling, unconditional love.
• Yoga, exercise, play, nature walks.
• Creating art, reading for fun, singing, poetry.
• Practicing a craft, pursuing curiosity, work done for its own sake, flow.

[D] [2019-02-12] (9) Your Mind Is Eight-Dimensional - Your Brain as Math Part 3 | Infinite Series - YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=akgU8nRNIp0&list=WL&index=72 mindbraintopology

huh, so simplicial complexes in (human?) brain are not random

[2019-03-31] Conceptual thinking - PsychonautWiki mindpsy


Thoughts cease to be spoken by an internal narrator and are instead “felt” and intuitively understood.

[D] [2019-04-02] Neil Harbisson: I listen to color - YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ygRNoieAnzI mind

guy that doesn't have color vision and that developed a device that converts color into sound. Interesing, he claims he can sense more colors now than average people, however the thing when he drew 'picture' of hitler's voice and asked people what did they think of it is quite stupid…

[B] [2018-09-25] can meditation be bad? mindmeditation

https://www.quora.com/Can-meditation-lead-to-mental-illness mindmeditation

dull states, addiction, powers, attachment to body – pretty interesting

[2018-09-13] Is there any way meditation can be bad? : Meditation mindmeditation


Look up Willoughby Britton's research - The Dark Side of the Contemplative Path. She's a neuroscientist doing research into meditation, and one of her projects is exactly what you're asking about.

I can share a personal anecdote too. As I've got more into meditation, I have felt all the expected positive outcomes - more tranquil, more equanimity in my dealings with people, just generally more calm and ordered internally. However the expanded awareness that has come, not necessarily directly because of meditation but the things i've been using my new-found attention to focus on, has caused a few bouts of existential depression and anxiety. I think this is only natural as we confront our Shadow selves in the natural introspective part of the meditation journey - it's meant to be tough, so we can appreciate the light on the other side. Hell, purgatory, and heaven are not physical places but personal mental states that you can experience.

[B] [2019-04-29] My Conversation with Michael Pollan - Marginal REVOLUTION mindpsy

Pollan: "But I did not have a powerful desire to do it again."
Alan Watts, on why he stopped taking LSD: "When you've gotten the message, you hang up the phone."

[C] [2018-09-04] Is there any way meditation can be bad? /r/Meditation mindmeditation

By dullness I mean a subtle lack of clarity of awareness, which, if nothing is done about it, tends to gradually increase to the point of tiredness/drowsiness, and eventually sleep. A lot of people succeed in stopping gross dullness but continue to meditate in subtle dullness. A good way to tell if you're meditating with subtle dullness is if a background sound causes a "startle" effect, where your body or even just your mind will have a sudden "jolt" caused by the sound. If you meditate frequently you probably know what I mean. As clarity of awareness increases, sounds are less likely to startle you.
See http://dharmatreasure.com/wp-content/uploads/LightOnMeditationHandout.pdf
- that's where I got these ideas and having worked with them I find them very useful.

[C] [2019-04-14] Dan Harris: "10% Happier" | Talks At Google - YouTube mindmeditation

if you're going to the gym and it's easy you are cheating. same with meditation?

[C] [2019-04-14] Dan Harris: "10% Happier" | Talks At Google - YouTube mindmeditation

interesting, his wife doesn't meditate! even though she's a scientist

[C] [2019-12-02] Can we create new senses for humans? | David Eagleman - YouTube mind

cool stuff!
sensory substitution
e.g. they claim that deaf person with a vibro vest can regain hearing similar to how blind person can read braile

[2019-09-21] Bicameralism (psychology) - Wikipedia mind


Bicameralism (the condition of being divided into "two-chambers") is a hypothesis in psychology that argues that the human mind once operated in a state in which cognitive functions were divided between one part of the brain which appears to be "speaking", and a second part which listens and obeys — a bicameral mind. The term was coined by Julian Jaynes, who presented the idea in his 1976 book The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind,[1] wherein he made the case that a bicameral mentality was the normal and ubiquitous state of the human mind as recently as 3,000 years ago, near the end of the Mediterranean bronze age. 

[2019-02-14] Sensory Substitution mind

substitute tactile sensing for hearing.
interesting, sweeping patterns seem to be recognized by skin better than linear or poking

huh, influenced by psychedelics, of course! mindcomplexnumberspsy

STRT [D] [2018-11-26] Trevor Slocum / Meditation Assistant · GitLab mindmeditation

[C] [2018-08-21] posture: Problems with siting up straight? (A graphic that illustrates the importance of sitting on a high cushion) : Meditation mindmeditation


hmm, actually I'm sitting in quite a similar way to the second picture.. so I'm fine I suppose?

DONE [B] [2019-08-05] RomanPlusPlus/mindfilesResources: A collection of resources related to mindfiles (digital representations of your mind) mind

[2019-09-01] eh, need something to watch github commits mind

[D] [2019-03-05] пропаганда машин on Twitter: "Напоминаю, что вот так выглядит депрессия. Необязательно в виде лежащего и ничего не хотящего, уставившегося в одну точку, грустного человека. Вашим очень веселым и успешным людям тоже может быть плохо. Не забывайте иногда спрашивать, все ли у них хорошо. https://t.co/SPGXltmNAh" / Twitter mindempathy

[2019-12-28] The Habits of Effective Artists - YouTube mindartcreativity


1. daily work
2. volume, not perfection
3. 'steal'
4. conscious learning
5. rest
6. get feedback
7. create what you love

DONE [B] [2018-08-21] A Math Theory for Why People Hallucinate | Quanta Magazine mind

DONE [C] [2018-07-21] The Hyperbolic Geometry of DMT Experiences: Symmetries, Sheets, and Saddled Scenes | Qualia Computing mind

DONE [B] [2019-07-03] Extended cognition - Wikipedia mind


  • [2019-07-15] not much on reddit

[2017-10-06] Erasing notes of someone who has memory problems (e.g memento), basically murder mindextendedmind

DONE [2019-09-21] Quantum Ethics? Suffering In The Multiverse mindquantum

[2018-06-18] Психоделики помогли нейронам вырасти длинными и ветвистыми mindpsy

[C] [2019-12-05] Hedonic treadmill - Wikipedia mind


The hedonic treadmill, also known as hedonic adaptation, is the observed tendency of humans to quickly return to a relatively stable level of happiness despite major positive or negative events or life changes

TODO [C] Mind uploading is speculative mindself

CREATED: [2019-11-15]

That's why I'm learning more about nature of human mind and why we humans in general need to solve it

TODO [C] [2018-07-21] LSD and Quantum Measurements: Can you see Schrödinger’s cat both dead and alive on acid? | Qualia Computing mindquantumpsy

[D] [2019-06-23] On Types of Typologies | Slate Star Codex https://slatestarcodex.com/2014/05/27/on-types-of-typologies/ mindmbti

The argument against Myers-Briggs is that it’s not scientific. The argument for Myers-Briggs is that I’m also the kind of person who did some looking into it and realizes that MBTI is neither scientific nor consistently applied, and I also test consistently as INTJ, so clearly something is going on here. And every time I read a description of INTJ I have to facepalm because I so consistently recognize myself in it.

[D] [2019-08-09] Nigel Thompson on Twitter: "Telescopes are not about telescopes; they are about stars. When you focus on learning optimally about stars, you’ll naturally come to use your telescope well. Meditation is not about meditation; it is about THIS." / Twitter https://twitter.com/NigelsThompson/status/1153451607494971392 mind

Telescopes are not about telescopes; they are about stars.
When you focus on learning optimally about stars, you’ll naturally come to use your telescope well.
Meditation is not about meditation; it is about THIS.

TODO [C] [2021-01-26] Qualia Research Institute mind

Building a New Science of Consciousness
Qualia Research Institute is a nonprofit research group studying consciousness in a consistent, meaningful, and rigorous way         

[C] [2021-02-02] 💎 Emily / aiju 💎 on Twitter: "it’s weird how many people respond to “meditation has risks” with “no!!!! meditation is good!!!!!!!!” like yea sex is good too but it has huge risks too that should be acknowledged and taken into consideration" / Twitter mind

it’s weird how many people respond to “meditation has risks” with “no!!!! meditation is good!!!!!!!!”
like yea sex is good too but it has huge risks too that should be acknowledged and taken into consideration

TODO [C] [2021-02-19] Scientists establish freaky two-way communications with lucid dreamers mind

STRT [D] [2018-08-08] How to Practice Mindfulness: The Ultimate Illustrated Guide | High Existence http://highexistence.com/how-to-practice-mindfulness/ mind

ugh annoying website, pops up a sign up thing, I can't even join.

STRT location reminders: be mindful when you see street sign for instance (e.g. three conscious breaths) mind

TODO mm, read it again… mind

TODO [B] [2021-03-17] Lost in Thought: Psychological Risks of Meditation | Hacker News mindtoread

[C] [2020-12-10] Can you upload your mind and life forever? By Kurzgesagt /r/transhumanism mind

See, this is good, but why wouldn't they mention the Ship of Theseus method? Where you replace bits and pieces of your brain over time until you've moved entirely from meat to metal. Doing so would, hopefully, preserve continuity of the mind. So it wouldn't just be a copy of your mind. It would genuinely be you.
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