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[A] Why google maps (and most common maps providers) suck mapssadinfra

[B] [2022-10-30] my twitter rant on map software mapssadinfra

Is there an apps/tool for maps that allows you to hide specific places/types from the maps forever? So I get to display more potentially interesting places for me.
E.g. I almost never need car parks/schools/churches etc on maps, but they are displayed and take up precious space.
similarly, I want something like a news feed for changes on maps in my local area so I could find out about new places
The whole thing just makes me so angry, google maps sits on the user-provided data while exposing very primitive and shitty apis. Obviously only fuzzy queries too (so they can maximize their potential for ranking/ads).
This shit is what makes me a proponent of regulations in tech
But also it's all pretty depressing, I don't see any efforts by other people to build similar tools, and I'm just discouraged to do anything, I don't have fucking time 😭
We ended up with a bunch of shitty siloed fuzzy algorithmic tools and everyone is mostly fine with it
Like, how are we going to build a metaverse if we don't even have a representation of our current physical reality (or even your own flat) in a database??

[2022-04-04] djm (healthy, normal) on Twitter: "oh apparently google maps removed the schedule explorer consistently impressed by google's commitment to making their products worse mapssadinfra

oh apparently google maps removed the schedule explorer
consistently impressed by google's commitment to making their products worse

[B] some things I want from maps maps

TODO [A] implement automatic notifications about places in google maps/osm in my area maps

CREATED: [2022-07-03]

[B] Alternative maps maps

[B] [2020-07-20] maps

[B] [2019-04-17] Alternative to Google Maps? /r/Maps mapsdegoogle

We on /r/openstreetmap made a list of websites that use OSM data. Maybe some of them are useful for you:
* [OpenTopoMap]( - same as above, Topographic map, has contour lines
* [Waymarked Trails - Hiking]( - Hiking trails, "clickable", .gpx Download, background can be changed to OpenTopoMap
* [Waymarked Trails - Cycling]( - same as above for cycle ways
* [OpenSeaMap]( -  free nautical database
* [OpenRailwayMap]( - the worlds railway infrastructure on one map
* [OpenCycleMap]( - map made for cyclists, highlights cycle routes and pubs :D
* [Flosm]( - search through informations (opening hours, telephone number...) of a lot of POIs on OpenStreetMap, see list on the left
* [F4 map]( and [OSMbuildings]( - both show map in 3D
* [LiveMap24]( - see public transport in realtime, clickable, uses open data from public transport services
* [WheelMap]( - shows the wheelchair accessibility
* [Historic Maps]( - a map that combines OpenStreetMap with Wikipedia, shows historic objects and old maps as overlay
* [uMap]( - save markers, lines and shapes on different map styles, example: [Map from /r/Castles](
* [ÖPNV-Karte](https://www.ö - a visualisation of the mapped public transport in OSM

**Apps (all work offline)**
* [OsmAnd]( - very advanced but strange GUI, shows public transport and hiking symbols, opening hours, etc, has routing, downloads offline wikipedia articles to objects, Android and iOS (less functions)
* []( - fast, easy tool, no hiking tools, elementary routing, free, Android and iOS
* [Locus Map]( - different map sources (also non-OSM like SwissOrdonance), has routing, Android only
* [OruxMaps]( - Map and sports tracker, can also connect with different bluetooth devices, Android
* List of apps for [Android]( and [iOS](

**Routing Services**

* [OpenRouteService](,null,null,null&b=0&c=0&k1=en-US&k2=km) - car, cycle and pedestrian routing with a lot of options, shows surface and type of used roads
* [Brouter Web]( - fast router,shows height profile,  where routing table can be changed by yourself
* [GPSies]( - create tours for different transport modes, press "follow roads" to get routing feature, elevation profile, lot of map layers
* [Kurviger]( - a route planner that prefers curvy roads and slopes, but avoid cities and highways, automatic round trips based on a given length
* []( - a map made for cyclists, which has a routing and roundtrip feature, created by /u/doctor_fegg

**Printing OpenStreetMap Maps**

* [MapOSMatic]( - printable atlases and single paper up to A0, lot of different map styles and overlays (like Waymarked Trails), free
* [Field papers]( - create an atlas yourself with different map styles,
* [Inkatlas]( - different styles, up to 6 pages A4 for free

**Advanced/Other OSM based services**

* [Overpass Turbo]( - web based data mining tool for OpenStreetMap, linked is an example for cycle shops in Berlin
* [MapCompare]( - compare different map sources (Google, OSM, Here, Satellite data) with each other
* [OpenInfraMap](  - view of the world's hidden infrastructure (power lines, petroleum and water)
* [Mapillary]( - an open-source Streetview-Version you can contribute to
* [Peakfinder]( - shows all all surrounding peaks from the given point also available as app
* [OpenFireMap]( - map with all the fire houses and hydrants in OSM
* [Node Density]( - How dense is the OpenStreetMap database?
* [OpenStreetMap Wiki]( - Wiki of the OSM project

[B] Android apps maps

TODO [D] StreetComplete (OpenStreetMap surveyor app) mapsosm

TODO [C] [2021-12-21] Organic Maps: Offline Hike, Bike, Trails and Navigation maps

recommended by privacytoolsio?

STRT [B] [2021-03-27] grote/Transportr: Free Public Transport Assistant without Ads or Tracking (for Android) maps

hmm doesn't really work in London?

[C] openstreetmap mapsosm

TODO [B] [2022-07-21] Curated list of awesome OpenSteetMap-projects mapsosminfra

APIs and libraries section is quite interesting

[C] Other (specialized) maps maps

[D] Links dump maps

TODO [B] [2021-11-11] Map management - The Blue Book maps

[B] [2021-06-15] The Blue Book: self hosted map mapsselfhosted

[D] [2021-08-15] alyssaxuu/mapus: A map tool with real-time collaboration 🗺️ maps

  • [2024-01-29] hasn't been updated for 2 years

TODO [C] [2021-10-26] might be relevant to mapshpi

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