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TODO [C] [2020-01-17] radicle softwarefederationvcs

[C] [2020-03-21] MichaelMure/git-bug: Distributed, offline-first bug tracker embedded in git, with bridges softwaregit

Distributed, offline-first bug tracker embedded in git, with bridges

related softwarep2pmatrixmastodon

STRT [C] [2019-10-21] steve-vincent/awesome-decentralized: A curated list of decentralized, P2P (peer-to-peer), and distributed platforms and applications ("dapps"). software

[2019-12-07] didn't find much interesting stuff? software

STRT [C] [2019-05-05] IPFS is the Distributed Web softwareselfhosteddecentralizeipfs

STRT [C] [2019-10-21] kgryte/awesome-peer-to-peer: A list of peer-to-peer resources. software

TODO [D] Build p2p collaborative applications without any server infrastructure software

CREATED: [2020-05-17]

TODO [D] [2019-09-21] ipfs/awesome-ipfs: Useful resources for using IPFS and building things on top of it softwareipfs

TODO [C] [2019-12-07] WebRTC - Wikipedia software

WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) is a free, open-source project that provides web browsers and mobile applications with real-time communication (RTC) via simple application programming interfaces (APIs). It allows audio and video communication to work inside web pages by allowing direct peer-to-peer communication

TODO [C] Earthstar - Offline-first, distributed, syncable, embedded document database for use in p2p | Lobsters software

[2020-04-02] Tweet from @TheMagicIan software

@TheMagic_Ian: Stop using fake-secure, or insecure video conferencing apps like Zoom, Skype, Duo, HouseParty,  Facebook Messenger, Slack, Teams! Consider Jitsi or Matrix clients like Riot.

STRT [C] [2019-11-05] The IndieWeb Movement: Owning Your Data and Being the Change You Want to See in the Web · Jamie Tanna | Software (Quality) Engineer software
ok, interesting, but that's again kind of reinventing new standard?

[2019-12-03] software

Other humans can already understand your profile information and the things you post on your site. By adding a few simple class names to your HTML, other people’s software can understand it and use it for things like reply contexts, cross-site comments, event RSVPs, and more.

[2019-12-03] software

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<div class="e-content p-name">Hello world! This is my first indieweb post.</div>

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TODO [C] Tweet from @wwwjim software

CREATED: [2020-10-30]

@wwwjim: You should be able to talk to peers without being online.
You should be able to surf a web without being online.
Syncing data from a website as a choice.
Not a service, a tool.
You tell websites what metadata you're willing to provide.
You are your own ACL.

TODO [C] [2019-06-27] FreedomBox/LeavingTheCloud - Debian Wiki softwaredegoogledecentralizeoffline

[C] [2020-02-27] ActivityPub, the secret weapon of the Fediverse | Hacker News softwarecommunitydecentralize

slightwinder 12 days ago [-]
People want both. Big world and small tribes. People are constantly building new community everywhere for non-technical reasons, even if similar communitys already exist. Why do you think they do that?
Small tribes have better control and more trust. Big crowds are lacking this for the individuals.

[C] [2020-01-28] Three protocols and a future of the decentralized internet softwaredecentralize

TODO [B] [2020-01-06] John Backus on Twitter: "Interested in decentralization today? Learn what worked in the 2000s for p2p file sharing: ⚖️ Decentralization is a legal tactic used alongside activism ⌛ Decentralizing the wrong things is a waste of time ☠️ Decentralizing everything is suicide by bad UX Thread! 👇" / Twitter softwarefederationdecentralize

TODO [D] Use duckduckgo more? softwaredegoogle

CREATED: [2018-06-06]

How to they perform against each other?

[2018-07-04] Google softwaredegoogle

TODO [C] [2019-09-07] Federated architecture - Wikipedia software

DONE [A] [2020-02-15] ActivityPub – The Secret Weapon of the Fediverse softwarefederation

[2020-02-27] not much interesting in the discussion softwarefederation

[C] [2019-11-21] dat:// — a peer-to-peer protocol software

dat:// — a peer-to-peer protocol
Community-driven project for distributed data synchronization

[2019-11-21] ink & switch!! software

[C] [2020-06-11] Data Transfer Project - Wikipedia software

[C] [2020-06-03] automerge/automerge: A JSON-like data structure (a CRDT) that can be modified concurrently by different users, and merged again automatically. software

Automerge is a library of data structures for building collaborative applications in JavaScript.

[D] [2019-07-31] Muneeb on Twitter: "After Github’s ban on developers in certain countries a decentralized alternative is inevitable. Git protocol is already decentralized. All we need is decentralized login, storage, and social graph on top." / Twitter softwarefederation
some 'decentralised github' projects

[2021-01-10] Tweet from @BuzzFeedNews software

@BuzzFeedNews: NEW: Amazon is booting Parler off AWS, its web hosting service, knocking the pro-Trump social network offline until it finds a new host.

[D] [2019-10-05] Home - SimpleAsWater softwareipfs

The hash after "peer identity: <HASH>" is your node’s ID and will be DIFFERENT from the one shown in the above output. Other nodes on the network use it to find and connect to you. You can run ipfs id at any time to get it again if you need it.

[D] [2020-06-02] Introducing P2P Matrix | software

[D] [2020-05-28] zulip/zulip-archive: A tool for archiving and displaying Zulip chat channels. softwarezulip

[D] [2020-05-26] Is it possible to make Syncthing implement based on IPFS? - Feature - Syncthing Community Forum softwareipfs

Syncthing has a filesystem abstraction, so if you care strongly, and have the skills (given you are a developer), knock yourself out and add a blockchain based singing dancing filesystem.

DONE [B] [2021-01-28] A data ecosystem fosters sustainable innovation | Ruben Verborgh softwareiterop

STRT [D] [2020-06-16] gozala on Twitter: "This might be a good moment to highlight how innovates email. Instead of walled garden it introduces overly protocol improving security of existing email infrastructure and provides alternative interaction model." / Twitter softwareinterop

This might be a good moment to highlight how innovates email. Instead of walled garden it introduces overly protocol improving security of existing email infrastructure and provides alternative interaction model.

DONE [B] A Decentralized Web Primer: Dat | Lobsters softwarefederation

CREATED: [2020-01-10]

Does anybody know of a good article comparing dat, ipfs, and scuttlebutt? and optionally any other contenders? Including practical aspects, such as

TODO [C] [2021-02-07] Self-Sovereign Identity - P2P Foundation software

TODO [C] [2021-02-05] Satellite software

Utilizing digital signatures, peer-to-peer networks, and a content-surfacing algorithm designed to reward publishers who find common ground, Satellite is a new take on what a social platform can be.

STRT [C] Activitypub software

CREATED: [2019-12-11]
To those of you pushing for ActivityPub:
Webber's trashed it (the initial author) and is working on a way to mitigate the problems of it by implementing incompatible changes, the biggest piece of software claiming to implement it doesn't even implement it (Mastodon), the only piece of software that stays semi-faithful is full of devs who hate it (Pleroma).
AP is completely broken for anything but publicly-scoped content, relying on a lot of trust for every party involved. This gets broken frequently, and has had consequences so far on networks implementing it (like half of them are incompatible implementations, so I think it's completely fine to say "networks").
The specification itself is far too ambiguous. Here's a post by a maintainer of Diaspora explaining this part further:
So let's assume you can get Twitter to implement ActivityPub perfectly to-spec. Great! It doesn't work with literally any pre-existing ActivityPub software, and users' DMs and are more or less public, with users' private accounts literally being public.
I use AP daily, and while it's fine for technical users with a reasonable understanding that anything they post is public, putting naive users' data at risk has never and will never be acceptable; pushing AP will harm everyone.

[C] [2021-03-24] Google Removed ClearURLs Extension from Chrome Web Store | Hacker News softwaredegoogle

TODO [B] [2021-03-26] Setting up your own Nextcloud instance to get off of Google | Hacker News softwareinfradegoogle

STRT [B] [2021-03-06] Zero Data App : solid/fission/remotestorage software


need to explore

[B] [2021-03-22] 2/3rds of Google Searches Now End Without a Click softwaredegoogle

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